Undiscovered Gems – Alas de Liona, MAUGER, fearofmakingout, Meredith Crawford

Alas de Liona is gorgeous on the intoxicating Vortices.  Every contribution blends elegantly to entrance you.  The payoff is the singers serene delivery, as she wills you to submission with soft precision.  A minimalistic arrangement, the churning snare conceptualizes a contemplative journey, as Vortices always feels like its moving forward through an imaginative daydream.  The roaming piano and spaced out chords enhance the sentiment. 

Alas De Liona captures the dreamy vibe without overwhelming the mix in washes of reverb and echo.  It’s there for affect, but just enough to keep everything crisp and textured.  Vortices hits like an indie pop Paula Cole, marrying the dream pop intellect of Beach House with the epic exotic appeal of Florence Welsh. 

Enjoy Vortices now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


MAUGER are catchy on their recent single Nr 79.  Featured on their new full length album SHINY, the single is one of their most upbeat contributions.  There’s an element of punk with a 60s songwriting intellect shining through.  All pulled through the trademark cool appeal known to MAUGER.  It’s as if Jose Gonzalez made an upbeat punk inspired single.  We hear elements known to cult icons like Velvet Underground and Steppenwolf, a vintage biker appeal to this Easy Rider groove.  It also connects with recent indie breakout Kevin Morby and associated offerings in lofi psych rock.  

Nr 79 is just one shade of an extensive palette from these new style masters.  Committed to a tonal ethos, everything connects elegantly.  A spectrum of indie folk and psych rock has SHINY on our radar as one of the breakout albums of 2022. 

Get started with Nr 79 now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Comprised of Cesar Cruz, Jacob Kellen, Marissa Harrington, and Ryan Moreno, fearofmakingout is a living embodiment of their friendship and collective creativity.  On their new single floor 20 they team with singer Nyzahir for a rare art pop freak out. 

floor 20 just hits different.  There’s an alternative RnB flavor in the spirit of Leon Bridges, but with the dirty urban appeal of Childish Gambino.  The musicians bring energy and artistic intention to the groove, and the unconventional arrangement matches the aesthetic.  There are quick catchy moments to suck you in, but the songwriting is innovative, meant to take you through the journey rather than appease the stalwarts of radio.  It’s an ethos that has made indie cool, and fueled an underground fanbase entirely aware of everything that came before, eager to embrace something new and fresh. 

Enjoy floor 20 now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Meredith Crawford

Woah Mama.  They just don’t write like that anymore.  That was our initial reaction to What’s Her Name, the new single from Meredith Crawford.  The artist is classic in both her writing and her bitter busty vocal presence.  To bring it full circle she drops a quick catchy hook, a trademark known to the icons. 

There’s a subtle indie sensibility in the spirit of Alabama Shakes or Lake Street Dive, but mostly we were reminded of The Pretenders in the overall style and presentation.  Maybe it’s the thoughtful chorus blessed guitar work or the humble Rolling Stones style influence.  Regardless, it’s undeniable. 

Enjoy What’s Her Name now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

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