Music Videos We Love – Kraków Loves Adana, Ladytron, Love Command 0

Kraków Loves Adana teamed up with Ruth Radelet and Adam Miller from the infamous Chromatics for the new single When The Storm Comes.  A hypnotic nostalgic vocal design draws you into this intoxicating vibe.  Contrasting voices and diverse personalities are illuminated by the stylish companion video.

The pumping backbeat builds with momentous intention.  The affect us uplifting and spirited.  It conjures a sense of sentimental melancholy, a sort of spiritual dance pop accentuated by its minimalistic arrangement.  In that way it recalls works by The XX.  We also found melodic similarities to Miike Snow and even Empire of The Sun.  When The Storm Comes is melodically exotic with an aura of mystery enhanced by the reserved presence of the artists in the companion music video.  It’s also just a straight catchy melody that we found undeniable. 

Hear When The Storm Comes now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Ladytron – City Of Angels

An expose of light, elite cinematography, and a wicked color palette lift the video for City of Angels, the new single from Ladytron.  The single is a trippy electro psych delight, it updates a 60s era composition with modern tone and electro flare.   Paired with the video, the outcome is exquisite.  The video is strikingly beautiful.  Written by Manuel Nogueira, produced by Magma, and featuring Bianca Comparato and Marina Dias, City of Angels is a pro effort that stands out as a singular work.  Its weird and wonderful with implied choreography that references vampires and the occult.  It reiterates the groups reputation as masters of style, with both costume, location, and lighting presented with masterful precision.  The captivating scenes leave you wanting more, but the mystery is its signature detail.  

Hear City of Angels now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Love Command 0 – Providence

Love Command 0 caught our attention with the video for their single Providence.  In the spirit of recutting cult movies and putting them behind retro inspired music, the video reimagines the cult classic Exterminators of the Year 3000.  A darkwave jam sets the perfect soundtrack for this B-rated Mad Max rip off.  Released in 1983, it’s clearly trying to capture the aura of the original classic.  The video makes it look feasible, or at least entertaining enough to peak your interest.  Reiteration aside, the single is a jam, and paired with the video fits the witching season.  Dystopian costumes and retro slow cuts are a vibe.  Fans of Carpenter Brut and Teeel will dig this synthtastic design.

Dig into Providence now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

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