Emerging Folk – The Morning Yells, Luna Keller, Davy Lyons, BAYWUD

The Morning Yells continue to grab our attention with stylish details and big hooks.  Their new single Jagged Blue exemplifies the sentiment.  The rich layered chorus catches the listener with its contrasting design and nostalgic drama.  It pulls this jivey indie country groove into the psychedelic 60s, exchanging tight modern Levi’s for classic fringe flare bell bottoms and rodeo collars. 

The verse sections are undeniably modern, recalling recent alt country works by Brandi Carlile with the mainstream crossover appeal of Miranda Lambert.  The Morning Yells sway between two ideological musical worlds.  There’s clear mainstream potential.  The musicianship is tight and the arrangement well calculated and borderline contemporary.  Their stylist treatments like this instant hook flirt with a more vibe committed presence, one that blends well within their scope of influence. 

Enjoy Jagged Blue now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Luna Keller may have dropped her best work yet with the inspiring new single Wolves.  The prolific songwriter continues to hone her craft.  The consistency has yielded a genuine feel to her writing, a confidence that bypasses the stress of overthinking the musical movements and melodic nuances. 

That conviction shows on Wolves.  Its a testament to the international songwriting community she’s embraced.  A benefit of her Twitch platform, and how it has connected her to like minded artists and fans who are ready and wanting to lend words of encouragement and support.  Offered as a work in progress, a showcase of Wolves lead to community backing and a bevy of collaborators to bring the arrangement to life.  This includes Kalden Berg on vocals, Thomas LaVine on drums, Alden Heckel on Guitar and Roger Keller on bass and piano.  With their involvement Keller can do what she does best, lean into her writing and focus on the natural feel of her vocal performance.  

That community touch gives Wolves professional shine.  The collaboration brings the song to life.  The band is on point, and with atmospheric backing vocals it stays connected to recent works in indie folk.  That exotic tweak had us hearing it like Phoebe Bridgers was produced by Lord Huron. 

Hear Wolves now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Davy Lyons is spiritual on his new single Amen.  A mantra of cascading blessings reveal themselves through inspired lyrical revelations.  Attributed to relatable moments of philosophical influence and self contemplation, Amen was conceived quickly in contrast to the years of restriction and measured exposure. Lyons offers some musical serenity to counter the onslaught of fear and anxiety. 

The organic presence of that one lightly picked guitar is dressed and dazzled with dreamy ethereal production.  Fluttering drenched piano lines trickle beneath heavenly atmosphere, as proficient offerings of charmed strings dance around the swaying design.  Amen is a moment of appreciation, a chance to recall every genuine truth that pierced through the madness.  As a song it brings dynamic utility.  An early pick me up, a chance for relaxation, or even a pre-meditation reset.  It’s also simply beautiful in presentation. 

Enjoy Amen now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Soulful folk singer BAYWUD admits he’s Not Ready To Let Go.  The title of his new single, the sentiment hits best with southern soul flavor.  BAYWUD has a lot of it.  A stylistic shapeshifter, he brings diverse influence while always staying within the framework of blue eyed soul.  Not Ready To Let Go is anthemic.  There’s a hint of retro influence, a call back to Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin’s Gospel roots and the impact it had on mainstream music, brought through adaptations by Al Green and later Amy Winehouse.  With slight country flavor it connects with works by Chris Stapleton and Nathaniel Rateliff.  BAYWUD matches their raw unfiltered appeal, inherently talented with an instinctual draw that can’t be taught. 

Co-written by Rune Westberg, the single navigates the highs and lows of a personal experience and how it effects their relationship.  The singer drops big hints, asking their lover to “be my high when I’m going low, open my eyes to different colors.”  It’s humbling admission, that under appreciated humility that serves as the bedrock for any successful long term partnership.  Sometimes you need your partner to pick you up.  No one is infallible.  Treating the arrangement with church organs and New Orleans horns brings nostalgic appeal, selling these lyrical clues with charm and historical reverence.  But its nothing without the classic soulful delivery of BAYWUD.  

Dig in to Not Ready to Let Go now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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