Best New Indie – Faerie, Xuavage Love, Sam Wrangle, Starover Blue, Credit Electric

Faerie is infectious on her new single k-town.  Dreamy and hypnotic with an intoxicating groove that begs you to jive in tandem to the artists seductive delivery, k-town picks you up and barely puts you down.  There’s illuminating pre chorus drum breaks that conjure out of body revelations, all in reverence of the iconic drop that reintroduces the beat with epic appeal.  The affect is exhilirating, as if Faerie conceptually pulls you by your belt buckle back into her exotic close dance, entangling you in her seductive draw and proficient vocal prowess.  

The timely breaks earned this prose, but Faerie is pure poetry throughout.  Her swagger and melodic explorations accentuate each immersive moment.  The catchy variation is elite, Faerie never hangs around a melody long enough for it to grow stale.  The production matches her dynamic appeal, with face melting leads and crisp ingenious tones featured throughout.  There’s an amalgamation of modern influence, that production mastery known to Tame Impala mixed with the elite pop known to recent Lucius or classic MGMT.  Faerie shares in their crossover potential, with the ability to please the mainstream audience and indie elitist alike. 

Fall for k-town now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Xuavage Love is catchy on KISS CASH.  The arrangement screams classic indie, featuring the trademark stutter disco drum part known to the genre.  The chord progression suggests punk lineage, updated in the vein of 90s pop rock.  Dreamy synths bring an updated charm and add to the retro flare.  Stylish vocal sections feature various versions of the artists variable delivery, with timely effects reimagining his vocals like samples treated for electro pop. It adds to the artistic interpretation, as if the producer is foretelling a potential remix and getting ahead of its intention.  That foresight speaks to the strength of the track and the artists ability as a producer.  

KISS CASH is a vibe and sits well with some of the breakout indie artists of the moment.  Fans of Del Water Gap and Dope Lemon will dig the neo pop appeal.  It’s charm is attributed to its minimalistic structure, as KISS CASH doesn’t over indulge the instrumental layers.  Every contribution has purpose and significance.  In that manner it also connects with recent works by Dehd.  

Hear KISS CASH now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Innovative Australian songwriter Sam Wrangle caught our attention with the release of their new four song EP Norman Cres.  A fresh offering of pop psychedelia, Wrangle brings wonderful imagination to his compositions and kaleidoscope arrangements.  There’s an aura of post punk to his psych pop leanings, an intriguing combination that brings subtle nostalgia in the spirit of retro inspiration.  It suggests the influence of artists like Joy Division or Gary Numan. 

It’s notable on Victoria Brixton, with its pulsing bass thrashing backbeat and the unconventional contrast of the chord sections.  Also in the deep chorus effects and shimmery filters that give his sound a warped appeal. There’s also a sentiment of apathetic grunge like on the introspective Spare Room.  It’s as if Cobain made it to 2022 and had a blissed out psych pop rush of inspiration.  In that manner Mac Demarco or Current Joys might be fair placemarkers to chart Wrangle’s inclusion, while all at once entirely unfair.  Their fans might dig his sound, but Wrangle is also charting his own unique place in the world of psych.  Norman Cres reiterates that conviction. 

Dig into the whole EP.  You can hear Victoria Brixton now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Starover Blue reinvent a proper rock song with their new single Larkspur.  The chord heavy rocker brings elegant contrast while never straying too far from its organic essence.  Where modern chord rock so often misses Starover Blue succeeds.  They bring tempo alteration and elite vocal melody variation to keep the moment interesting. They’re doing their part to push rock forward. 

A bright ethereal lead offers the melodic interjection where recently a synth often lands.  The guitar work is simple and elegant, landing all the right notes without devolving to tasteless runs.  There’s a clean indie sensibility, with evidence of Phoebe Bridgers, Mr Morning Jacket, and Band of Horses heard throughout.  A combination of several modern indie rock bands we adore, and a proper effort that cuts through the psych pop takeover. 

Enjoy Larkspur now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Credit Electric drops a Winner.  The Bay Area trio leans into a chill groove, decorating the illustrious atmosphere with warped tidbits that cascade like fluttering snow, each flowing with their own inspired weight and intention.   These guitars and keyboards and cosmic samples circle the soulful makeshift vocal, more feeling than flaunt, it brings a raw appeal known to todays bedroom indie movement. 

Genuine in affect and charming in conviction, it displays an innate sense of melody and catchy flavor.  Roaming over this breakbeat groove, it scrolls the songs range with refreshing cadence, suggesting an influence of hip hop and lo fi beats.  A gem of a track with widespread potential, We hear similarities to indie breakouts like Biig Piig and Toledo.  

Get a dose of Winner now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

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