Dream Folk Fantasy – Baby FuzZ, MM Orchard, Alexander Carson, Mike Baretz

Baby FuzZ lands a cosmic folk hit with their recent Coyote.  The composition at its essence is classic folk pop.  The songwriting is thoughtful, aware of everything that came before and injecting its own trademark touch to cement their unique legacy.  There’s an indie sensibility in the spirit of the Shins or Elliot Smith, with a psych folk tweak known to Donovon. 

The artists vocal delivery is rare and intriguing, and the effects employed to accentuate it’s inviting qualities enhance the records collective aesthetic.  That one simple features pulls Coyote out of the roots folk space and into the psych world.  It foreshadows heavier production contributions in the songs second section, though it never oversells its intention. 

The production is sparse and classy, embracing the essence of the writing.  It also lends to its overall intention, with exotic guitar slides that bring desert appeal.  Like the Coyote itself, curious and cute, unassumingly complicated, emotionally delicate.  

Enjoy Coyote now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

MM Orchard is therapeutic on the inspiring Are You Coming?  This dreamy yoga folk brings healing qualities with its refreshing variation and calculated picking.  It marries the  soft rare ethos of Nick Drake with the catchy appeal of Jeff Buckley.  The guitars bright textured tonal quality is slightly dirty, a testament to analog vitality.  Atmospheric washes conceptualize the eternal ocean, dipping in like oncoming tides before retreating with soft fury. 

New cosmic offerings of reverberated guitars ring through the mix like shooting stars, piercing the musical sanctity of guitar and voice with modern intellect.  A solid composition at its essence, the production all serves to accentuate its melodic features and draw you into Orchard’s imaginative world.  

MM Orchard is featured now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

A dreamy intention illuminates Asleep at the Wheel, the new single from Alexander Carson.  The heavenly atmosphere washes over you as a spaced out drum design accentuates the drama, creating an epic affect in the spirit of Post Rock.  It’ an aura akin to acts like Explosions In The Sky, conjuring cinematic presence with nostalgic brilliance.  As if the soundtrack of our lives is played back to us, laced over highlights from our unconscious, sent back to us in an electric fury before we make peace with our maker. 

Carson delivers this sentiment with indie folk intention, offering a songwriters touch to this dreamy design.  His vocals are mixed to meld into the ethereal landscape, slightly echoed to resonate in tandem with the flowing melancholy.  Slightly sad but undeniably beautiful, like a musical memoriam in tribute of a fallen friend.  

Enjoy Asleep at the Wheel now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Mike Baretz is surreal on the cinematic new single Wrong.  The guitar picking pattern at its core is exciting and unfamiliar.  Baretz brings that same intention to the production throughout.  Dreamy layered atmospheres of his coordinated cosmic orchestra bring depth as they envelope you in their massive construction. 

In contrast to the dreamy under layers are the vocals which are clear and concise.  They sit slightly above the mix, giving the overall quality pop potential.  It settles nicely into the cloudy cushion of the musical design, all blending effectively in support of the records intention.  The pop influence is reenforced by the singers style, with slight hints of R&B in the spirit of indie pop, recalling artists like JOJI or Frank Ocean who occasionally delve into dream pop worlds.  Baretz shares in their crossover potential, allowing himself room to pivot into more drum-based singles without alluding to reinvention.  

Enjoy Wrong now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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