Best New Rock – Linebeck, Blueprint Tokyo, Thief Motif

Linebeck emits sentimental vibes on the catchy new single Waste My Time.  The shoegaze inspired Hamilton based dream pop band has sharp melodic instincts.  They dress the melodic allure with washy atmospheric layers, creating a hazy resonance.  It’s all by design, as the musical aura is meant to incur a dreamy affect.  That cinematic touch gives their almost pop compositions elegant contrast. 

Waste My Time has a nostalgic presence in the vein of 90s alternative, a semblance of shoegaze in the spirit of Slowdive, reimagined with an indie sensibility known to Alvvays.  The new kids in town, they’re just 3 singles into their career.  They’ve been dripping them out with strategic intent, keeping their growing fanbase in suspense waiting for the next sonic surprise.  We’ve dug every release so far.  If this sample size proves consistent, the future looks bright for Linebeck.

Enjoy Waste My Time now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Blueprint Tokyo was born out of unwavering perseverance and courage.  It takes all of that and more for member Kevin to manage his condition.  Diagnosed with degenerative bone disease and without insurance, Kevin relied on charities and personal debt to treat the disease.  For a while, his life as a musician stopped.  Kevin found the strength to return to music last year, and with longtime bandmate Andy they reintroduced themselves as Blueprint Tokyo.  The duo recently dropped a 3 song EP titled Cinema Sounds.  The energetic performances are convincing and heart wrenching when they sing on the opening Say Anything, “I don’t know if I believe.”  That vulnerability brings truth and conviction to the collective work.  

A dynamic release that waivers between synth pop and alternative, Cinema Sounds is epic.  Say Anything is an instant hit that delivers from start to finish.  It has the anthemic appeal of The Killers and U2.  The subsequent LaRusso brings elegant nostalgia, with a retro design akin to INXS.  Sailor Girl builds on the synthwave intention, featuring a Saxophone that recalls M83.  Its unsurprising that Blueprint Tokyo brings heavy 80s influence.  The inspirational affect of those timeless classics has stood the test of time.  It’s the spirit and soul felt through the melodic details, a testament to the emotion and brilliance of those classic performances.  Blueprint Tokyo indulges effectively in that vibe, offering a space for healing in this exquisite musical offering.  

The whole EP us JUICY.  Get started with Say Anything now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Seattle art rockers Thief Motif are captivating on their new single Almost Normal.  A syncopated guitar plays against the energetic beat as a roaming bass scans the melodic spectrum, all ready to benefit the charming vocal design.  A vibrant vocal performance highlights the singers effective vibrato.  Proficient harmonies bring harmonious depth.  The vibe recalls classic Brooklyn indie icons like Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer, updated with the dance rock sensibility of Walk The Moon.  

The song itself is a melodic gem, with catchy surprise and strong leads throughout.  The bright keyboards enhance the shimmery vibe, bringing atmosphere and cosmic appeal.   The composition is lifted by an impressive full band performance featuring enticing variation.  Every musician digs into the moment.  The drum and bass fills throughout are notable and convincingly smooth.  It adds an exciting variable to their design, a feature that’s sure to enhance their live show, and help them stand out from the crowd.  

Dig into Almost Normal now on our Best New Rock Playlist

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