Women of Trip Hop – Akemi Fox, Hummana, Tainted Youth

Singer Akemi Fox teams with icon Moby on the fantastic new single fall back.  An infectious dance floor ready instant classic, Fox brings sultry appeal and convincing swagger to match Moby’s rhythmic mastery.  Recalling the trip hop aesthetic of Thievery Corporation and the melodic seduction of Moloko, there’s an urban appeal with world influence.  

The single is being released on Moby’s new record label always centered at night.  The label is focused on making unique, intriguing, abstract music that is equally beautiful and uncompromising.  Alternative R&B standout Akemi Fox is the ideal contributor to this exciting project, bringing her distinct vocal and lyrical blend with nostalgic presence.  Fox offers Erykah Badhu and Frank Ocean as as influences, connecting with the uncompromising who has still broken through the mainstream.  

Fall back is featured now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. 

HUMMANA reimagines the Maderian Songbook on their recent Tribo.  The project aims to revisit these sacred works carefully, injecting modern influence without losing its ethnographic essence.  The effect is exhilarating, bringing new light and color to their genius.  The cultural fabric of traditional works has spiritual presence, as if conceived by metaphysical inference, the melodic intelligence of the cosmos, born eternal through the enlightened interpreters who project like spectres.  HUMMANA conjures their ghosts with haunting appeal, offering these dark ballads with ethereal inspiration. 

Heavenly washes of atmosphere intersect soft electric samples like on O Canto da Erva.  The melodic intention is exotic and rare.  The tribal essence is illuminated on tracks like Nevoerio.  The foreign appeal only adds to the mystery.  Like some cosmic hymnal from another world.  The swelling synths inject drama and cinematic appeal.  The music of our dreams, illuminated. 

There’s a sci fi appeal in the aura of Dune, as if we’ve intercepted the radio from some other dimension.  The singer has the ability to deliver these long vocal swells effortlessly.  She transforms like an inspired siren, engulfed with the magic of history and divine strength. Her powers are majestic, meant for the court of ancient Kings and Pharaohs. It’s evident on the invigorating Mae Do Monte.  The 11 dark pop ballads altogether cast a wide net of influence.  It should appeal to fans of new age as well as trip hop with its dark intention.  

Get a taste of Mae do Monte now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Tainted Youth are energetic and raw on their recent The Prey.  The progressive arrangement unfolds with cinematic appeal, all connected by the electro sonic template.  Obscure sounds give Tainted Youth rarity, brining together an amalgamation of inspiration from the worlds of EDM, industrial, and Trip Hop.  Dark and brooding with altenative under layers, it pairs the worlds of Linkin Park and Rob Zombie with Bjork and Massive Attack.  

That ethos fits the groups offered influence, admitting to referencing Southern Hip Hop and and techno.  Inspired partly by “Lord of the Flies” and partly by a scene in Mean Girls, they have dubbed The Prey as dystopian electro rock.  We can dig it. 

Enjoy The Prey now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

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