Best New Indie – Arliston, Merlot Embargo, Marcyline, Quibus

Arliston evolve with cinematic presence on their impressive new EP Even In The Shade.  The project reenforces their reputation as prolific creators.  The innovative art pop project indulges its melancholy features on the new EP.  Their songwriting is lifted by their productive prowess, dressing their works in imaginative soundscapes with dreamy intention.  There’s a progressive appeal, with each song embracing its own sonic journey.  There are influential place marks, elements of Bon Iver and The National paired with their own advanced sonic intellect.  There’s also classic nostalgic retro soul appeal in their writing, the lineage of Peter Gabriel and how he paired soul with sonic innovation.  That sentiment is strongly evident on the fantastic Hold My Wine.  

The subsequent TV dinner and Tombstone Teeth bring catchy dreamy folk appeal, with guitar first intros that evolve into illustrious soundscapes.  Arliston spare no sonic embellishment, employing imaginative leads and samples to tickle your auditory spectrum, bringing relentless surprise to calm our plague of temporary attention.  The vocal melodies match the music in movement and variation, never repetitive, poetically abstract to add to the puzzled imaginative aura.  Like a flurry of neons and pastels draped over their conceptual ocean, a natural world reclaiming it’s electrical secret, revealing its collective beauty in one masterful swoop.  Even In the Shade is a strong artistic statement, one that should build on an already impressive catalog. 

Enjoy Hold My Wine now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Merlot Embargo is rare on their impressive new single Sticking Around.  An amalgamation of influence blends elegantly on this diverse composition.  The singer sells it with an impassioned performance in the spirit of Amy Winehouse, tweaked with an indie sensibility known to Feist and Sharon Van Etten.  The press release offers Haim and Brandie Carlile as place-markers.  We also hear the upbeat appeal of Lake Street Dive. 

This list of recent icons should be enough to pull you in for a sample showing.  The lead is worthy of their company.  Her vibrant performance honors an intense arrangement, with notable contributions from every instrument.  Interesting guitar and keyboard leads are littered throughout, vibey references to disco in the poetic swells and classic soul in the brass builds.  Impressive stick and hi hat work effortlessly bypasses the snare between runs, they make it sound easy.  Merlot Embargo presents like an NPR smoke show, ready to pounce on an eager audience addicted to eclectic updates with classic sensibility.  

Get into Sticking Around now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Marcyline caught our attention with their new single The Clearing.  The minimalistic essence lets the songwriter shine.  The chorus melody is seductively soothing, it offers the proper payoff to the verses tangled cadence.  The initial guitar work is nostalgic and intriguing, recalling selections by The XX with its unassuming selective melodic genius.  Less is more when you’re picking the right notes. 

In the first section we also found evidence of Spoon and the Gorillaz.  The singer employs a similar raw delivery while retaining complete control, and his melodic swells shine with urban attitude and instinctual melodic appeal. Timely samples are employed throughout, foreshadowing the raucous Radiohead Rock inspired raging outro.  We also connect that reckless vibe to Car Seat Headrest. That progressive surprise calls you to explore their collective catalog.  We dig both ends equally, stay put for the outro, it’s worth it. 

Hear The Clearing now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Quibus are infectious with their new single The Light On Her Skin.  The hypnotic sonic appeal seductively draws you into its dreamy affect.  The groovy swagger brings sway to its cosmic presentation in the spirt of chill pop.  Its not dance music, but it has enough swing to get you bobbing.  The vocals are drenched but legible, a testament to the proficient mix. 

Quibus is able to retain radio appeal without sacrificing their vibe.  The vocal writing is catchy and memorable, and the singers delivery brings tempered energy.  That contrast brings an additional anthemic vibe to this psychedelic canvas, the kind of flavor that brings a festival crowd to its feet.  This combination of melody and aesthetic should appeal to fans of Tame Impala, Bonobo, and Bibio.  

Quibus is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

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