Undiscovered Gems – Mirrorball, S.L.Y.C, LB Beistad, Venus as a boy

Mirrorball pens an instant classic with their recent Tinsel For A Tear.  The writing is refreshing and original but the throwback intention is undeniable.  What gives it ambiguity is that it’s referencing a less travelled style, partially because it’s an elusive vibe.  The production has the nostalgic appeal of Fleetwood Mac and Todd Rundgren. 

The vibe is on point but the writing is entirely new and exciting.  Presented elegantly, Tinsel for a Tear was produced by none other than Chris Coad (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s).  It’s Mirrorball’s first release on Dangerbird Records.  Brought together by an uber ride, the California dream pop duo is a match made in heaven.  These indie troubadours have been kicking around the LA scene for years before revealing Mirrorball. The collaboration appears to be thriving.

Hear Tinsel for a Tear now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

S.L.Y.C is soothing on Safety, Grace.  The dreamy melancholy vibe suits the singers lullaby delivery.  Her whispery affect accentuates the exotic melody.  The playful patches recall Casio’s legacy, treated to shine bright and clear.  It’s elegant bedroom pop, employing the sounds of your Christmas keyboard with masterful intellect. 

The dreamy shoegaze intention draws comparisons to Beach House, with the classic writing intellect of Paula Cole and The Cranberries.  Altogether these details come together in an exciting, exhilarating record.  Magnified by their instinctual beauty and charming presentation.  The Norway based dream pop act is flying way too far under the radar.  

Say you heard them first.  Safety, Grace is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

LB Beistad caught our attention with her new single Haunt You.  An interesting composition with innovative appeal, its her quavering emotional vocal that will pay the bills.  Intoxicating and raw, her delivery can only be attributed to someone who has really felt something.  The emotional vulnerability is undeniable. 

LB gives a lot of herself to Haunt You.  It recalls the post punk legacies of The Cure and The Smiths.  Updated with an electro indie sensibility known to Christine and The Queens.  There’s also an experimental abstract pop detail known to Kate Bush.  Only her 3rd single, she’s already found her sound while barely scratching the surface of her careers potential.  Haunt You is an instant classic, it needs to be heard.  Absorb it now and tell all your friends.  We’re baffled it hasn’t already caught on. 

Dig into Haunt You now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Everything is not how it seems on When were you so low, the new single from Venus as a boy.  Insane moment of explosive sonic vibrations intersect emo folk verses elegantly.  It pulls you in with its catchy melodic beauty, slightly nostalgic with 90s pop rock appeal.  At first the intense drop catches you off guard, but the surprise lends to excitement as your brain injects cinematic imagery to match its progressive design. 

The softer sections are charming and melodically pleasing in their own right.  Dressed in this manner it presents as a more exquisite art piece, a proper evolution of this musical history, updated with the sonic intelligence of modern capability.  Folk punk artists who defy convention like Alex G and Conor Oberst  are fair references.  We also hear a touch of the experimental pop known to Joji and Toledo. Venus as a boy also connects with a new underground movement that marries folk and production, including artist like Doglover 95.  Is this the next evolution of indie folk?  We can dig it.  

Enjoy When were you so low now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


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