Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Ellur, Dan Forsyth, Alba James, Wickerbird

Ellur is captivating on her new single Now I’m Alone.  The convincing performance is full of genuine passion and emotion.  The backing piano plots patiently, flowing in jest with the singers swaying emotional swings.  Subtle production enhances the atmosphere, minimalistic but offered with an innovative spirit. 

The arrangement is sparse, embracing the gravity of the performance and mixing it with emotional weight.  The acoustic piano brings a classic feel, the legacy of John Lennon, brought through melodic adaptations by REM.  There’s an indie sensibility akin to Sharon Van Etten or Feist, but they just represent a range of intention. 

Now I’m Alone is a powerful statement that stands apart.  It’s the kind of song that can fix itself to a moment, demanding repeat revolutions as you exercise an overwhelming experience or unwanted milestone.  Ellur is magical, with star power to match her songwriting prowess. A breakout appears on the horizon.

Enjoy Now I’m Alone now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Dan Forsyth has won praise for his work with upstate New York Americana darlings Driftwood.  A break in tour offered him a chance to embellish some solo works, and his new single Diamonds caught us right out the gate.  Included on his new album Friday Night Nowhere, Forsyth captures a classic vibe with updated indie intellect.  The melodic sensibility feels bred from the legacy of Springsteen, updated through the lineage of Ryan Adams and alt country alterations by Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton. 

Forsyth has an exciting raw delivery, ripe with troubadour spirit and smoky appeal.  The tempo design is anthemic, matching the compositional flow with anticipation and drama.  Diamonds feels like its always pushing forward, dedicated to the journey regardless of where it’s headed.  Like the spirit of his artistic legacy, the therapy of his practice, that misunderstood detail only an artist can relate to.  Success is in the doing.  “I’m rifling through the change door, but I an’t feeling any shame, because the further that we take it, you know the clearer it seems to me.”

Find Diamonds now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Alba James steps into the light on the conceptual Light On Your Face.  In contrast to her dark reclusive Bedroom Walls, Light on Your Face has a hopeful affect. (make no mistake, we LOVE Bedroom Walls

In contrast, Light On You Face is dreamy, with the orchestral layers conjuring images of a blonde Winona Ryder dancing beneath the snow fall as it flows from Edward Scissorhands ice sculpture trim.  Alba steps out as an elite arranger whose rare melodic intellect allows for intense orchestration.  The sonic palette of ukulele, strings, and choir suit her inherently beautiful writing. 

She bridges the gap between Fleet Foxes, Florence and the Machine, and Billie Eilish.  Light On Your Face is quietly epic, cinematic in its design, and sonically immersive.  She does it with genuine originality and pose.  This light is shining bright, and a bigger experimental indie folk audience is owed to this emerging star. 

Hear Light On Your Face now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

We lost ourselves to little weavings, the new single from Wickerbird.  The ethereal folk artist has a spiritual essence.  It’s emphasized by the introductory atmospheric sounds and the musics cavernous echo, that eternal vibe it exudes, illuminating and magnifying our awareness.  How this universe is so massive, and every natural tiny detail so intricate.  Overwhelm yourself or give in to its serene beauty.  Little weavings feels like a spiritual treaty, an alteration of prayer or meditation meant to calm our awakened glory, a chance to relax and be present.  

The plucked nylon retains all of its imperfections, breathing with the natural beauty of its flaws and buzzing percussive snaps.  Big bass drops bring depth as cosmic layers and dreamy choirs build above the centerpiece that is guitar and voice.  With an exotic appeal and eastern vibe it connects with works by Jose Gonzalez, with big harmonic intention in the vein of Darlingside.  It’s significantly more drenched than either act though, adding an additional chamber element to the indie folk intention.  

Lose yourself to little weavings now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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