Best New Rock – Hannah Robinson, Tired Cossack, The Vacant Shapes, Ollie Twohill

Hannah Robinson is infectious on her new single Hypnotised.  The relentless snap of the driving snare brings classic intention.  It injects youthful energy, pulling against the songs melancholy compositional spirit.  The contrast is elegant, and Robinson’s haunting vocal only embellishes the sentiment.  The blend is intoxicating.  

Catchy and dreamy, Robinson brings mainstream potential while retaining her indie spirit.  It’s also a credible rock revival with star power.  Hannah has all the makings of a superstar, elite vocal skills and trademark looks.  She exudes authenticity, and brings it full circle with innovative songwriting that flexes her influences while still breaking the mold of imitation.  Emerging rockers Wolf Alice and classic icons like QOTSA are good starting points, but Robinson is bringing something different that’s bound to make you look twice.

Hear Hypnotised now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

Tired Cossack is dreamy on their new single Lilac Pain.  Elements of 80s post punk and 90s underground alternative invade the melodic spectrum, all graced with an indie sensibility.  We hear evidence of Built to Spill and the Replacements, under the radar icons who influenced todays favorite bands.  Its heard in the songs raw authentic aesthetic, swaying around the tempo design, fighting against todays quantized obsession.  The vocal shares in the slacker swagger appeal, slightly dissonant and hanging on notes like he’s grown tired of their utility.  It’s the same pop meets angst contrast that launched Nirvana. You can’t deny the songs catchy vibe.  

An intense guitar arrangement employs various bottom shelf effects impressively.  These are the sonic delights from you local corporate Guitar Store you love tweaking during an in store visit, but can’t fathom their benefits to warrant the price tag.  Tired Cossaack flexes their creative potential, layering catchy exciting leads throughout.  There’s a lot to unpack, a full heap of sonic delights and unfiltered additions.  The arrangement is dense and ripe for a second listen.  It’s all held together by his trademark vocal, the centerpiece that glues the compositional narrative. Lilac Pain is a big statement, connecting with recent indie breakouts like The Districts and The Simps.  Bands who are carving a new style of indie rock that includes elements of emo and shoegaze. 

Hear Lilac Pain now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

The Vacant Shapes caught our attention with their new single Ghosts of Sunflower. Stylistically they blend the spirit of post punk, the melodic sensibility of 80s alternative acts like REM, and the updated influence of acts like Interpol or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and how they adapted these vibes. 

Both the composition and the arrangement bring variation and progressive surprise.  Whereas the opening nostalgic guitar pulls you in, its left out of the subsequent verse, exchanged instead for a pumping bass.  The detail is just one intelligent feature the band employs to maximize the utilization of their instrumentation, bringing careful intention to every contribution.  In that manner they can accentuate the drama without leaning into additional production.  That minimalist spirit recalls the ethos of bands like Joy Division and their off bred New Order, or more modern alterations like The XX. 

The Vacant Shapes prescribe to the aesthetic with more energetic punk angst.  We can dig it. It’s also just a straight up killer composotion.  Don’t get it twisted. 

Jump in to Ghosts of Sunflower now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

Ollie Twohill is refreshing on his new single Hollow.  The anthemic presentation is radio ready, with hard hitting drops that build the collective drama.  The composition is slightly unconventional, updating the aura of classic alternative with indie presence and pop potential.  There’s a semblance of the dance rock crossover appeal of bands like Walk The Moon and The 1975.  Drawn from the lineage of 90s pop alternative masters like Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls.  It’s heard in the songs emphatic closing, when Twohill gives all of himself to the final moment, shouting in tandem to the songs accelerated arrangement.

The Australia based songwriter has been dripping out singles for the better part of 3 years, honing in on his sound and building his stylistic range.  Whereas recent singles have showcased his love for pop punk, Hollow is more modern indie.  The style suits the songs inspired making, recalling a difficult breakup that shook the songwriter to the core.  Reinvigorated by the healing power of music, Twohill aims to reclaim his fire with a string of releases due out in the coming months.  

Get started with Hollow now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 


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