Best New Indie – Soft Streak, Koala Bar, Mark Stoney, Sam Himself

Soft Streak is charming on their new single Little Doom.  The melodically dreamy composition has vintage appeal, recalling the legacies of Todd Rundgren and Elton John.  It’s heard in the thoughtful electric piano work, slightly tweaked to sound warped.  Those subtle sonic details give Little Doom cosmic appeal. 

If it were re arranged with acoustic instruments we might mistake it for a Jobim composition featuring icon Astrud Gilberto.  It’s heard in the Bossa chord changes in the chorus section, a rare melodic throwback that fills us with studious delight.  Soft Streak connects with smart emerging indie writers like Mitski and Japanese Breakfast.  They update an indie vibe with psych pop and yacht rock influence refreshingly.  

Enjoy Little Doom now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Koala Bar is dreamy on their new single Pas De Bourrée.  The rhythm design has an exotic, hypnotic appeal as it rotates beneath the songs melodic earth.  The vocals flow above like the lyrics conceptual waves, swimming through the melodic range with effortless appeal.  The reserved vocals grow to a passionate finish in the songs closing moments, accentuating the vibes built up drama.  It’s as if they were containing this hurt before giving in to its relentless rush, the affect is exhilarating.  

The Swedish project is quick to embrace comparisons to The National and Big Red Machine.  We also hear an eastern desert appeal known to Lord Huron or Local Natives.  The band recently signed to  Gothenburg based Rexium Records with plans to release a third album in the coming year.  These vibes are ripe for a breakout, suiting an indie audience hooked on dreamy melodic appeal and exciting rhythmic variation. 

Get a dose of Pas De Bourrée now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Mark Stoney teams with Denizen Hum on the anthemic Half Made.  This epic arrangement suits Stoney’s rare vocal abilities.  His voice has a haunting quality.  He sings with beautiful emotion, injecting genuine humility and existential dread into this inspiring performance. 

The track builds in tandem to his elevated emotional lift.  The dramatic production is cinematic, accentuating the compositions natural epic appeal.  What we have to offer as a comparison is more of a blend, with Half Made embracing the exotic melodic appeal of Jose Gonzalez, minimalistic moments known to the XX, and dramatic orchestral electro moments known to James Blake.  What Stoney shares in common with all of them is a dark epic melodic beauty, full of passion and curious genius.  

Enjoy Half Made now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Sam Himself is Mr. Rocknroll.  His strange vocal delivery is mysterious and mesmerizing.  It’s curious raw withered features are magnetic.  He speaks to you like a wandering ghost, embracing his broken history and bringing these inspired songs like a warning of whats to come from your decadence, doing it all joyfully and uncaring for your assumed premonitions. 

It’s the kind of star power that leaves you marveling at its unique ambiguity and unwavering conviction.  You might try to offer him a sandwich but he only wants a cigarette.  Dressed in this post punk package with retro flare, Mr Rocknroll hits like a burned out Billie Idol fronting Future Islands.  For us, that sounds delightful.  

Enjoy Mr Rocknroll now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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