Music Videos We Love – JVSMINE, B.Miles, Carrellee, Quibus

JVSMINE is undeniable on Forgive Me.  An alternative R&B highlight, the infectious groove is injected with superior emotion.  The affect is intoxicating, seducing you with its spiritual sex appeal.  That elite seduction presents in contrast to the overt graphic sexuality invading todays pop.  JVSMINE commits to a more sensual, classic design.  She updates that appeal with an indie sensibility, recalling the melodic flavor known to Rhye with the soft production known to The XX.  She connects with alternative R&B breakouts like Charlotte Day Wilson.  With a strong mix and pro perfect vocals, Forgive Me has mainstream.  It should also please an indie audience that loves a good vibe.  

The Forgive Me video, with its dreamy haze and its slow motion magnetic movements adds to the collective allure.  In connection to the musics soft fury, the artist says more with her infatuating gaze than 1,000 words can ever tell you.

B.Miles – One Trick Pony 

B.Miles has us grabbing for a second helping of her fantastic new single.  The wonderful One Trick Pony makes a second appearance on our blog with the release of the songs companion music video.  Elite swagger and a tight physique bring a face to this unique vocal delivery.  B.Miles is a star. 

The song is dreamy and delightful, the video is intriguing.  There are intermittent cut shots of some doomsday fiery chaos to contrast the dusk desert landscapes.  Could it be the flame of desire?  Is this reckless outlaw driver destined to find his Bonnie on this desolate desert highway.  There’s a lot left unanswered, but a career meant to follow.  This is just the beginning for this fiery budding star. 

Carrellee – Heaven Or

Enter the dark retro warped reality of Carrellee.  The new single Heaven Or is captivating in its own right, with an infectious beat and innovative cadence, all blessed with her soft sensual aggression.  The artist has an impressive range, flexing catchy melodies in abundance.  Paired with violent electro beats and dreamy synths it recalls the legacy of Kate Bush and recent updates by St Vincent. 

The video embellishes the narrative and displays her star power.  Swinging through this trippy static filled worlds.  An awakened existential fury, Carrellee is the dreamy intellectual of your dreams.  She’s an enigma, a neon treasure, the version of woman that only exists in fiction.  “TV, movies, shopping, groceries, what is this?  Heaven or Hell?” She knows what it is, but do you?  To be her lover, answer wisely.  

What a jam.   

Quibus – Don’t Wanna Wake Up

Now thats a lot of gear!  … and they use it well.

That was our first reaction to the video for Don’t Wanna Wake Up, the new live performance single from Quibus.  We’re already fans of the song, and its exhilarating to see them replicate it live.  It makes sense that they would want to showcase themselves in this manner.  There’s a lot of impressive attention put into this sonic masterpiece, and it offers a live rendition of this style in opposition of the lure to use tracks and samples.  It brings to mind one of our favorite quotes from the icon David Gilmour, “you can give someone a synthesizer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll become Pink Floyd.”  

Yes this is a lot of gear, but Quibus knows how to make it shine.  With melodic appreciation and original songwriting it’s got us eager to see them live.  Hopefully they make it to the States and beyond. 

JVSMINE, B.Miles, Carrellee, and Quibus are currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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