Best New Indie – Alas De Liona, The Color Study, Bodywash, Glosser

Alas de Liona is inspiring on Spirals.  The moody melancholy is refreshing and uplifting, as the artists trademark hue is spiritual and healing.  Like a melodic blanket she wraps you in her intoxicating lullaby.  Her voice, rich in tambre and ripe with conjured emotion.  Quivering tremolo breaks through the withheld tears that watered this narratives foundings, offering imagery to the inherently dreamy composition.  The words flow like melting snow carving into the mountainside, permanently imprinting the mountain side like that hurt imprinted her broken heart.  “Just a phase or what?”  

Spirals is a forever moment, the kind of sentimental melody you attach to an unforgettable event.  Sad, but soothing, it brings duality.  The opportunity to process, the offer to heal.  Magnified by its undeniable beauty and elite compositional movements, Spirals is timeless.  Somewhere between Feist and Adele, Alas de Liona has something in common with both.  Star power based on rare talent.  

Say you heard her first, Spirals is featured now on our Best New Indie Playlist

There’s a lot packed into Future Past Present Tense, the new album from The Color Study.  We recently found ourselves perplexed by their single Savior || Death.  The unique composition is lifted by an impressive production palette that suggests a diverse collection of indie influence.  It’s an elegant blend of Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens or Beirut, blending two contrasting worlds and poetic ethos with fluid ability. 

Savior || Death is epic, evolving with progressive nature to an energetic finale.  Full of measured energy and angst, the group injects polar extremes of their stylistic worlds.  It’s an art piece worthy of several listens as you dig through all of its interesting layers and compositional swings.  

The Color Study is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

We got lost in the dystopian dream of Kind of Light, the new single from Bodywash.  Dreamy new world melodic intention rings with curious nostalgia.  It’s the soundtrack of our lives like we’re hearing it for the first time.  The compositional surprise and variation brings excitement and intoxicating allure.  Timely tickling samples introduce an energetic breakout, as the dreamy intro builds to an impassioned groove, as more chaotic sonic delights fight to retain their melodic beauty within the electric madness. 

The singers soft inviting delivery never waivers, offering conceptual grounding to glue the work together.  Altogether its seamless, with a refreshing arrangement that defies convention while remaining approachable.  A blend of Beach House and Massive Attack might be good starting points, but Kind of Light casts a wide infectious net that could attract all fans of pop.  

Hear Kind of Light now on our Best New Indie Playlist

GLOSSER are haunting on their new single Movies.  An eery dramatic appeal draws you.  The sentiment is dark and mysterious, seducing you with its curious appeal.  The vibe adapts out of the intro section with catchy alteration.  The contrasting sections marry parallel ethos.  The poetic appeal of Lana Del Rey and the intelligent indie pop vibe of Ethel Cain.  GLOSSER shares something significant with both projects, an authentic realness.  It’s featured in their lyrical narratives and dissonant stares.  

The DC based indie pop duo has big intentions for 2023, with plans to release their new record DOWNER. We’ve enjoyed both setup singles in anticipation of the full release. Disco Girls is also a killer.

Go to the Movies now on our Best New Indie Playlist

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