Best New Indie – Faerie, Laura Lang, Dunebug, Now Open Smokes

Faerie displays elite vocal abilities on her sultry new single showgirl.  A proficient melody writer equipped with catchy cadence and a stocked arsenal of harmonies, Faerie got skills.  Everything she touches is illuminated.  showgirl has some notable production in its own right, boasting a strong arrangement and flashes of mastery like on the swelling guitar solo.  The retro groove is updated with an indie sensibility, emellished by the top shelf appeal of the artist herself.  

Faerie presents as contemplative but showgirl is undeniably sexy and seductive.  A rare indie pop gem that pairs the style with an elite, elusive sex appeal.  It’s not showy or graphic, its rare and majestic.  The artist flaunts inspirations such as Harry Styles and Christine and the Queens, two of our favorite pop breakouts.  She shares in their pop potential, though showgirl is arguably more academic than what those superstars made good on.  It’s a dense production and presentation akin to layered productions in the indie scene.  That doesn’t cut her off from mainstream potential, it speaks to her artistry.  Faerie has star power, there’s no question about it. 

Dig in to showgirl now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Laura Lang wraps up a prolific year with the release of her album Bad Luck.  The 7 song collection showcases her compositional might.  A dark melancholy palette dips between dreamy illuminated acoustic worlds and more rocking grunge inspired moments.  Most songs contain both qualities, opening with melodic charm before building into an indie pop groove or chaotic thrashing freak out.  

An excellent producer, layers of resonating guitars and haunting atmosphere churn beneath her proficient vocals, portrayed elegantly on stand outs like Black Sedan and Slow Burn.  Noisy inspirations and art pop intellect draw comparisons to multi faceted projects like Japanese Breakfast and Mitski. It also connects with artists like Julien Baker who prescribe to a more rock based intention.  Songs like Love Letter and Bad Luck are some of the best rock influenced contributions we’ve heard this year. Additionally,  Ran for You bears evidence of early Phoebe Bridgers.  These comparable references only offer a stylistic range for an unfamiliar listen. In essence Laura Lang is a true original.

The closers Body and Goodbye / Biggest Fan are more reflective, indulgent works.  They recall contemporary upbringings and how it modeled artists like Jeff Buckley, and Lang shares a lot with the cult icon.  An incredible voice and dynamic writing chops, she exists beyond the confides of songwriter, she’s wears the designation of Recording Artist, and she wears it well. 

The whole album slaps.  You can hear Slow Burn now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Dunebug caught our attention with their new single Still Dreaming.  The trippy care free single features bright warped leads that give it psychedelic presence.  The wavering delivering of the haunting hush vocal adds to the slacker appeal, as Still Dreaming recalls a blend of slacker rocker Mac Demarco and psych pop supergroup Sports.  The timely holiday companion video conceptualizes theme park melodies from these bright shimmering leads.  Shot, edited and colour-graded by Alyssa Mello with some super8 footage shot on a Sankyo XL-60S, its’ a charming art piece that fits perfect with this vibrant jam. 

Whether you’re looking for some support for your micro trip or a blissful summery soundtrack, Still Dreaming has you covered.  It’s a vibe, and a rare one at that.  The calculated variation evolves like the journey within the song, as every contribution embellishes the range and otherworldly presence.  You can get lost to the intriguing leads or just lose yourself to its groovy infection.  Regardless of you needs, Dunebug brings it. 

Hear Still Dreaming now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Now Open Smokes sets the vibe on their infectious new EP saucy breaks.  These chill vibes are dressed with a cosmic sonic sleek.  It’s heard on the opening fall asleep, as the producers lift the organic foundation of guitar and voice to new auditory heights. 

The electro influence takes over on the more upbeat all blue.  This modern indie disco is the ideal melancholy roller skate jam.  Catchy and peppy, it recalls recent indie breakout Dayglow.  The chill disco intention continues on no attraction.  Slightly retro, with intoxicating syncopation and elegant surprise, it has some psych pop appeal in the spirit of Tame Impala.  There’ a heavy dose of 80s Pop R&B, with melodic references to MJ or Hall and Oates, brought through electro adaptions by Daft Punk and the aforementioned Impala. 

The closer seven am brings lofi vibes.  saucy breaks is an apt title for these deep blue hues and red neon backroom moments.  Now Open Smokes is the perfect soundtrack for a more sophisticated decadence, the kind of silky vibration that takes place behind a sheer curtain.  They get you in the mood and never pull you away.  

The whole EP is solid.  no  attraction is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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