Best New Synthwave – jnr. , No Dream, Mondegreen, Just Scott

jnr. Is catchy on his recent single Say (Light Me Up).  The infectious tempo design suits the melodies nostalgic intention.  Recalling 80s pop with modern sensibility, the EDM and Dance Pop influences update this classic style.  The undeniable catchy appeal suits mainstreams recent retro pop obsession, connecting with recent works by The Weeknd and The 1975.  But Say (Light Me Up) leans a little more authentic snyhwave in its second movement, connecting with iconic synthwave producers like Sebastian Gampl and FM-84.  

The Australian based songwriter knows how to write a catchy melody, and embraces his stylistic contrast.  He embraces how his melancholy songwriting inclinations blend into sparkly upbeat synth based arrangements.  His third release this year, he looks to continue this tradition with a string of releases planned for next year.  The upbeat details offer him mainstream potential, there’ a big audience ready to embrace this sound. 

Dig into Say (Light Me Up) now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

The pandemic produced a bounty of genre bending endeavors full of intrigue and compositional sophistication.  No Dream is no exception.  Their recent single Blacked Out is an intoxicating blend of classic retro pop and proto punk.  The music is dark and aggressive, with flares of melodic suction and flashes of catchy appeal. 

The vocal design is chaotic and captivating, as the artist elegantly employs various effects to give their voice an otherworldly appeal.  There’s a tinge of black leather dominatrix pop, an underground swagger and dark blood sucking appeal.  The affect is sultry, dripping with ruthless invasive appetite, commanding you to give in to indulgence and electric decadence. 

It’s the pandemic that drove this insanity, destroying our routines and suffocating our sexual exploits.  It makes sense that it bred such conceptual, interpretive highlights like Blacked Out.  The artist exercises his suppressed needs with sonic precision, flexing his technical muscle powerfully.  

Give in toi Blacked Out now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Multi-instrumentalist and sonic artist Stefan Thordarson has revealed his new project, Mondegreen.  He’s burst onto the scene with the cinematic intrigue that is Ultraviolet.  This impressive debut has progressive appeal, with an innovative composition full of surprise and exciting variation.  An elite sound smith, Stefan is also a strong vocalist who knows how to employ the best features of his voice.  A combination of vibe and sonic intellect, Mondegreen features an abundance of crisp well calculated synth textures.  The sounds are as much a utility of the composition as the 12 sacred notes puzzled to create this rare sonic delight.  

Ultraviolet has subtle retro intent, offered up as a synthwave release or indietronica release, it could attract a wide audience.  Anyone who appreciates intelligent electro pop is going to dig this track.  What’s most intriguing is the bare melodic presence of the song, more akin to indie icon Grizzly Bear than artists in dance pop.  The sonic design could draw similarities to more electro synth heavy projects like Future islands, but so far Mondegreen is carving out their own space in the electro world.  We look forward to hearing what’s next. 

Get acquainted with Ultraviolet now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Just Scott makes a statement on their new single Take Back The Night.  The classic night drive synthwave feel has its roots in the iconic movie Drive.  That “sunglass-top-down” neon dream is at the root of the singles sonic presence.  The composition rings with true 80s sensibility, charming and familiar with trademark soundtrack appeal.  The epic hook is anthemic, recalling timeless classics convincingly, you wonder if its a lost 80s classic.  The sentiment is embellished in the vocal samples featured in the bridge section, like a cherished scene from a dreamy montage it grabs you with magnetic intention.  

The project has special meaning to its creator.  Like a sonic diary it revisits the music of his youth.  These bright synths and gates snares grabbed him as a youth growing up in the 80’s.  Now wanting to project some of that classic feel good intention on this dreaded world, they’re giving in to on of their favorite musical aesthetic.  They’ve got good timing, it just so happens that synth based retro pop is back in style.  But was it never not?  Not to us, and not to Just Scott.  

Enjoy Take Back The Night now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

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