Undiscovered Gems – Badlands, Sedated Sunrise, Eugenia Post Meridiem, Alex Bloom

Badlands is surreal on her new single I Want Blood.  The verified recording artists paints signature sonic worlds, drawing from a vast palette of vintage synths and drum machines, gritty pedal work, club beats and organic orchestration. The single is dreamy in a metaphysical way, that musical aura known to icons Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.  The rhythm design is rare and innovative.  The songs second movement is entrancing and unexpected.  It’s a testament to the artists cinematic nature and the sharp imagery she brings to her works. 

As a composer she creates intriguing arrangements fit for a modern orchestra, one that employs all that is available in our new sonic reality.  With her soulful vocal contributions and catchy melodic instincts Badlands remains approachable, with potential to break the designation of art project.  With an impressive collection of releases that span a decade, she is flying too far under the radar.  A true undiscovered gem, she deserves a bigger audience.  

Enjoy I Want Blood now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Sedated Sunrise caught our attention with their single Grids.  This melancholy poetry is intoxicating.  The vocal style feels rooted in post punk and the influence it had on 80s new wave. The production recalls bands like New Order with its electronic drum and guitar first design.  It’s a nostalgic vibe with updated indie appeal, blending the dreamy aesthetic of Shoegaze with the punk admiration of 5th wave emo, and then treated with a charming lofi bedroom mix. 

Despite the hazy presentation, the songwriters authenticity and melodic reverence translate.  It’s akin to his existential aesthetic, referenced in the songs lyrical poetry and its acquired meaning.   “Don’t feel afraid when I pack my bags and go off the grids for a while… so I pack both my guitars, my flannels my favorite sketch, and everything that I consider art, and leave behind all the rest.”  Shouldn’t we all. Couldn’t we?  If only. 

Enjoy Grids now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Italian indie rockers Eugenia Post Meridiem have been a mainstay since we first heard them earlier this year.  They bring the full package.  Interesting arrangements, smart songwriting, catchy melodies.  The elite musicianship and academic awareness offers artistic prowess. It’s heard on the recent tiny perspectives, with its rhythmic evolutions and progressive surprise.  

Ready to unveil their full potential, the band recently released their LP like I need a tension.  Their second full length, it shows rightful creative growth when set beside their 2019 debut In Her Bones.  Eugenia Post Meridiem has truly leveled up, hitting an exciting creative streak that’s resulted in an all killer no filler sophomore breakout.  Their music connects with experimental acts like Hiatus Kayote and Bent Knee, as well as more pop art projects like Dirty Projects and Christine and the Queens.  In tandem with an array of critical acclaim, we’ve crowned them one of our best buzz acts of 2022. 

The whole album slaps. Get started with tiny perspectives now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Alex Bloom is catchy on his new single I’m Sorry.  Recalling 80s alternative with an indie sensibility,  Bloom erupts with nostalgic charm.  It’s the legacy of Smiths brought through adaptations by recent Indies like Ra Ra Riot and Real Estate, now progressed again on this elegant I’m Sorry

Bloom embraces the trademark calculated chorus drenched guitar work and escaping compositional flair, as the chords evolve with progressive melodic movement.  Bloom pulls it back for a signature reflective pause before reintroducing it with more brooding dark melodic presence.  It’s the conceptual apologetic journey, that initial release knowing you’re prepared to make apology before the unexpected response becomes reality.  It’s doesn’t always end like you mapped it out in your head, better to let it happen.  

This vibe never gets old, when its done well, it always feel right.  Check out I’m Sorry now on our Best New Indie Playlist 


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