Undiscovered Gems – Leah Jean, Max Bien Kahn, Alberta Cross

Leah Jean evolves in tandem with the progressive design of Creatures In The Room.  An impressive range both as a singer and an artist personality, the single is an experience in two parts.  On the outset its an open mic highlight, with groovy intention and familiar accessibility.  What erupts is a revelation.  Like a tour through her skeleton filled closet, Jean takes off the makeup. What’s beneath is beautiful and exhilarating.  It’s more exciting than the sweet polished version.  Lyrically it’s all about embracing her best self, one that knows her flaws and what she can make of them.  “I wish I had somewhere to stay while I tear down the walls this place.”  

The indie pop potential has Phoebe Bridgers level magnetism.  The intro accentuates her artistry, it’s a clever feature that gives her potential dynamic clues.  Altogether its a solid release for a patient listener.  If you miss the payoff, you miss the point.  So hang tight for the drop, its worth it. 

Dig into Creatures In The Room now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Max Bien Kahn is charming on his new single Please Hold On.  This patient musical prose has its roots in 60s pop.  A cooly strummed trebly guitar and a sweet simple melody settle well beneath the genuine vocal performance.  An authentic weathered delivery wavers under the challenge of holding out these extended notes. The humble presentation is all a part of the vibe and the songs desired intention.  The collective appeal blends the ethos of the iconic Byrds and slacker rocker Mac Demarco.  We can dig it. 

Enjoy Please Hold On now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

We got lost in the intoxicating aura of Mercy, the new single from Alberta Cross.  The underground indie rock troubadours strike again.  Mercy is melodically infectious, and singer Petter Ericson Stakee gets under your skin with his trademark treble.  His voice cuts through the swaggery groove with conviction.  The revolving guitar riff churns exotically of the pumping beat, dripping with desert appeal and motorcycle angst. 

The vibe has some semblance to Midlake mixed with My Morning Jacket.  The groups almost 20 year career awards them some significant perks, awarding them an opportunity to write and record at the legendary Wool Hall, where both Van Morrison and Tears for Fears previously recorded.  The vintage appeal shines through, with the bones of that sacred place giving the record a classic elusive feel. 

Enjoy Mercy now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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