Best New Indie – Zoe Guigueno, ICEBERG, AYTONE’S, Nothing In Common

Zoe Guigueno is charming on her impressive single Benefit of the Doubt.  Featured on her new album We Were Radar Stations, the songs revelatory lyrics unfold like a modern poor girls epic.  The new American subnormal, the jagged poetic design is intoxicating. 

Musically she reimagines art pops possibilities and how it can flex an influence of jazz without disconnecting itself.  There are slight correlations to Dirty Projectors or Yeasayer in the innovative composition, but Zoe is even more masterful and ingenious.  It could be what Domi and JD Beck sounded like if they translated a proper pop song.  It suggests how an indie pop Joni Mitchell might have developed, where real life storytellings meets art pop arrangements and modern tone.  

The work is cinematic, immersing you in its whiplash construction, leading you to place the missing lyrical moments where the music takes over.  Relentless in its last movement, she keeps you on her hypnotic hook to that final impromptu snap, when she lets you have your mind back, though your face has been fully melted.  

Hear Benefit of the Doubt now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The reclusive ICEBERG sparks on the new single Captor.  From London session producer to the ADK, Captor represents the existential dilemma that pulled the artist across the pond.  The mind of a creative is complicated and misleading.  So often misunderstood, its in the music where so often the answers are buried.  Even to the artists themselves, their unconscious shows in their art.  Captor is of that essence.  In its uplifting hopeful design ICEBERG reigns triumphant, with a passionate performance that claims her release.  From the crowded city to these barren lands, she finds herself away from the noise of industry.  Lucky for her, the sound is in the clouds, and Captor is ready to take flight.  

The dense dark brooding intro hits like a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.  She breaks the madness with a gentle acoustic and her rich delivery.  In that opening verse her diary pours brisk revelations, leading into the war call of the first chorus, as the rolling cadence of snares introduce her transformation.  With the drop of the groove she claims her moment.  The progressive design brings an indie sensibility and showcases her modern intellect.  She keeps it catchy, retaining her mainstream potential and keeping her connects in play.  Bringing songwriting chops and a pop presence, she fits in well with the buzz sound of the moment, akin to indie pop breakout Holly Humberstone. 

Dig into Captor now on our Best New Indie Playlist

AYTONE’S caught our attention with their single Getting Lost.  Inspired by 70s prog and committed to an analog aesthetic, Getting Lost is vibe heavy and rich in tone.  The crisp mix pops out of the speakers, accentuating the living warmth of the analog textures.  The expressive guitar work recalls Gilmour and how he dug into his chords to amplify their harmonious features.  The vocal shares in the influence, collectively suggesting how Pink Floyd might have adapted in an indie rock package.  As if they were raised on 90s innovators like Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilots.  AYTONE’S brings a little of all of them, offering their own signature flare to the combination.  

Getting Lost is just one addition to a diverse collection of works that includes forays into drum and bass as well as trip hop.  The Kyiv band is pushing through these trying times, releasing music through the madness of the atrocities burdening their homeland.  Now more than ever we should show them some love.  Give them a follow on their spotify, buy their album on iTunes, spread the word.  Celebrate them and forge their legacy in spite of their oppressors. 

AYTONE’S is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

The band is called Nothing In Common and their new single A Little Bit Better is an infectious slice of nostalgic indie pop.  This slow burner bursts out of a cinematic intro, initially presenting as a heartfelt acoustic song before erupting into a penchant pop beat.  The layered voice samples that swarm the conceptual atmosphere create a heavenly underlayer. 

The dreamy vibe morphs into a pop soundscape.   Its catchy appeal is undeniable, addictive even.  There’s enough added variation to keep it fresh, building with subtle tweaks throughout but never straying far from its essence.  For that we are grateful.  We found evidence of The Cranberries, updated with the production sensibility akin to Somebody Else by The 1975.  

Dig into A Little Bit Better now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


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