Best New Synthwave – Moxy The Band, Plaster of Paris, Keelan X, About Gorillas and Vampires

Relieve some stress to The Feeling Of Letting Go, the new single from Moxy The Band.  They’ve made it easy by including a charming companion video featuring some retro workout footage.  It’s kind of goofy and very much of the aesthetic.  As fun as it is, it really doesn’t hold a candle to the song, which is a straight hit. 

One of our favorite synthwave releases of the year, The Feeling of Letting Go is a 360 smash.  Strong songwriting, great synth choices, and a smoking vocal.  It’ bears some similarities to recent Chvrches and Kacy Hill with the retro inspired pop songwriting. We also hear evidence of synthwave elites FM-84.  We even hear a semblance of Christine and the Queens in the some of the melodic quips.  Don’t sleep on this one, its a smash. 

Dig it now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

The Plaster of Paris song Danceflaw gets a Jimmy Cass remix and companion video and we are all about it.  This iconic 80s dance floor footage has been used before but in this warped style it hits different.  The song is a Gothic synth rarity. 

The chic classic church organ gives it some horror appeal, but the vibrant vocal and cascading percussion have intoxicating presence.  The singers eccentric delivery recalls the legacy of David Byrne and how he defied convention while remaining seductive and intriguing.  In that way this hits like the Talking Heads of Synthwave, we’re dubbing it Art Punk Wave, can you dig it?  We knew you could. 

Hear Danceflaw (Jimmy Class Remix) now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Classic synthwave has a new ally in Keelan X.  This is for the gatekeepers, the nostalgic purveyors who aim to keep Synthwave about the classic retro pop sound.  It’s sort of an ongoing debate in international synthwave circles, the kind of thing that clogs Reddit and Facebook Groups. The new single Fever delivers for the truthers.  It’s a classic montage ready cinematic pop hit.  The timeless melodic appeal is dressed with dramatic intention, featuring several build ups and iconic drops.  The artist has the right amount of rasp and raw tone to match the singers of the era. 

This is that soundtrack pop, slightly rock derived, synth heavy, and meant to hit hard.  Its full of passion and rugged sex appeal.  It’s a revival, both figuratively and personally.  The artist reconnected with instrument artifacts from his youth.  Brought up on that sound already, its no wonder it hits so natural and authentic.  In that way we think it connects with Synthwave powerhouses like Sebastian Gampl and The G.  Artists who write real songs and capture that era so exactly you have to check twice to make sure it’s really a recent release. 

Get into Fever now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

About Gorillas and Vampires caught our attention with their new single Space/Ripley.  The catchy synth pop track has retro flare in the synth design and classic soundtrack samples.  Audio from an assumed classic sci-fi film helps gives the work time and place.  Coming out of that section the lyrics are fully realized as the lead singer repeats “everything’s going to be okay.” 

The song feels as much about the journey in space as it is a reflection on our attempts to explain and understand the unknown.  A multi format project, their growing catalog includes such polarizing releases as Small Town Blues and Working Like A Robot.  How they marry the concept is in its collective intention.  About Gorillas and Vampires embrace how the extraordinary dwarves our mundane realities.  They transform out of their provided vessels into the characters represented in their art, with their creepy masks and futuristic glow.  The band admits that the song discusses how the “dark, frightening infinity of the universe can be a metaphor with which to draw attention to the importance of mental health.”

Have you ever laid alone, overwhelmed, thinking about the vastness of the universe and the ridiculous concept of our existence?  This ones for you. 

We think these synthtastic sounds should please fans of synthwave acts like The Midnight and Dana Jean Phoenix. 

Hear Space/Ripley now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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