Undiscovered Gems – Natalie McCool, Mary Middlefield, Coucou Babe, Jacob King

Natalie McCool returns with her new single Show Me What You’re Made Of.  One of the fist artists we covered, we’ve been digging McCool since we first heard the infectious Heaven.  An epic indie pop songstress, she continues to deliver.

The new single has a retro influenced underlayer.  There’s evidence of Springsteen and the influence he had on artists like Sharon Van Etten.  There are ethereal touches known to Kate Bush and an anthemic tweak akin to Florence and the Machine.  It’s that ‘pull you out of the mud’ spiritual pop, a soundtrack for perseverance and spiritual revivals.  McCool is still flying too far under the radar, building up a strong catalog that’s critic approved and festival ready.  

Hear Show Me What You’re Made Of now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Mary Middlefield is captivating on her new single Two Thousand One.  Her passionate performance matches the emphatic instrumentation, as the band adapts in tandem to her emotional swoops.  An innovative composition and dense arrangement, it features impressive guitar work.  The subtle electronic presence illuminates the arrangement without robbing its organic appeal. 

There’s an exotic presence in the spirit of Jose Gonzalez.  With the vocal appeal of Phoebe Bridgers, Middlefield brings elegant contrast and stylistic intrigue.  She adds her penchant poetry and inspired intent, offering vulnerable revelations to inflate the musical drama. 

“I remember when I met you – God, I hated you back then – You petted me discreetly  – No one could have known  – Two thousand and one’s my birth year – And a year you won  – I met your parents last week – Bro they had no clue  – Oh man, why, why, why  – Did you feel the need to abuse my mind? – Oh man, why, why, why – Oh man, did I fall for you?”

Hear Two Thousand One now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Coucou Babe – High Again

Coucou Babe caught our attention with their new single High Again.  The classic nostalgic beat pulls you in with its vintage appeal and 50 pop reverence.  The dense layered atmosphere accentuates the dreamy intention.  The collective arrangement presents like a modern Phil Specter produced sonic dream. 

High Again could be compared to a shoegaze Ronettes, updated with a modern lofi aesthetic.  It’s undeniably intoxicating and immersive, like a chemically altered trip through time, it injects this new psychedelia into the aura of that treasured sound.  The dreamy shoegaze and catchy appeal should connect with fans of Beach House.  We also hear melodic evidence of Alvvays and how they re-work compositional nostalgia with indie temperament.  

Dig into High Again now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Jacob King is charming on Organic Tea.  An ode to your favorite warm rejuvenating beverage never hit so fresh.  This psychedelic folk pop slaps with urban swagger and art school jest.  This is how we imagine Donovon would’ve sounded if he fronted The Velvet Underground.  It also has the smart songwriters presence of The Kinks. 

King leans into its classic appeal with a nostalgic analog aesthetic.  The tonal palette fits the vibe, and adds to the moody construct.  More recently it connects with songwriters like Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. Hang on to catch the last second freak out at the end, its wonderfully bizarre.  

Dig Organic Tea now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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