Best New Rock – NXKXTA – These People Everything But The Everything, Tyler Elden

We were floored by the intense gothic imagery for Dracula, the new video and single by NXKXTA.  A sultry dark gothic bluesy single, the video warps these vibes into a parallel dimension.  The artist deserves this masterful cinematography, with a vibrant performance and elite costumery worthy of the camera’s attention.  The star power is undeniable.  This dark sexy gothic art princess is exhilarating, seductively entrancing you with her brooding bass vocal and shapeshifting gyrations.  

The support cast adds to the allure and illuminates her magnetic supremacy.  Whereas they add to the horror aura, she is seductively superior, demanding your attention every second she graces the screen.  A surefire hit that should bridge fans from polar indie worlds.  Whether your into dark wave or hard rock, you’re gonna dig it.  Artist like the Kills are fair stylistic starting points. 

Definitely don’t pass on the video, and hear the song now on our Best New Rock Playlist

These People are impressive on their new single Levels.  The unconventional rhythmic design is its first intriguing feature.  Despite the unorthodox approach it retains a familiar melodic essence, remaining approachable and slightly familiar.  Altogether that blend proves exciting, and helps Levels stand out amongst the crowd.  The revolving structure is hypnotic , drawing you in like a curious musical carousel.  

The compositional psychedelic tweak should please fans of art rockers King Gizzard.  We also hear evidence of Brooklyn cult icons Grizzly Bear. 

These People is the solo monikor for NY based songwriter and producer TJ Penzone.  Formely of the band Men, Women, and Children, his past and current achievement are notable.  The act recently played NY’s Paramount theater.  These vibrant arrangements translate LIVE, morphing into an exhilirhating live show with creative reverence.  Levels was featured on the new EP In Place of Time.  A solid four song presentation, its bound to push this innovative endeavor forward. 

Dig into Levels now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Everything but the Everything teamed up with Luke Sweeney for their track Intimacy.  We can’t get enough of these infectious post punk vibes.  They update the classic appeal with dark textured emotive synths.  The contribution suits the post punk ethos, adding to the moody dissonant vibe. The Moog magic is courtesy of Andrew Gomez, a frequent contributor to this transformative project. 

At the core of Everything but the Everything is producer Izzy The Agent.  He’s earned a reputation within our circle as an exciting producer with works that swell with attitude and black leather punk inspired appeal.  A detail of the project is how he features several notable collaborations from Bay Area underground heroes.  Sweeney honors the tradition and holds up to the collective works.  This tune came out in 2020, but it just came across our radar.  With indie sensibility, there’s evidence of Interpol with a dark retro rock vibe akin to The Cult or Billie Idol.  

Hear Intimacy now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Tyler Elden caught our attention with his most epic, inspired work yet.  The new single Trial By Fire is an expansive music journey that unfolds with cinematic precision.  In that way it suggests some post rock influences to match its indie swagger. 

Crisp bight tones and an industry standard presentation has Trial By Fire jumping out of the speakers.  The brilliant sonic presence accelerates its slow design, pushing it forward with tube tone power.  Interjections of collective syncopation accentuate the drama, as Elden brings a sharp full band arrangement.  Clever riffs add interesting variation whenever the song threatens to drag.  It’s strongest feature is Eldens impassioned vocal swoops.  Those bursts of youthful energy had us wanting more.  

The dynamic composition features semblances of Band of Horses and Jimmy Eat World, its a solid indie rock song that should please a diverse set of listeners.

Hear Trial by Fire now on our Best New Rock Playlist


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