Undiscovered Gems – The Know, Amber & the Moon, milio pagnotta, ICHIWAWA

We grew to love Used to Be, the new song from The Know.  A dreamy shoegaze delight, the song itself is brilliant and beautiful.  What floored us is the companion music video.  The contrast of this immersive, almost noisy sonic beauty and this candid day to day montage of this living love story made us fans.  Featuring strong acting performances and packing a huge plot with a low budget and limited locations, the story is impressively seamless and relatable. 

The video could have some relevance to the groups own experience, as The Know features husband and wife duo Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Garner. Their mutual love for Beach House and Patsy Cline blends into their signature shoegaze sound.  Used to Be is released in anticipation of a new EP.  While there’s no proof that the video is their story, in a way, it has a little bit of every pandemic couple sewn into it.  That’s the essence of great art. 

Enjoy Used to Be now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Amber & the Moon shines on Palace of Gold.  This modern indie blues recalls the legacy of Raising Sand, the now classic breakthrough from Robert Plant and Allison Kraus.  Amber & the Moon add their own signature progressive contrast and psychedelic flavor, referencing the legacies of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.  Its heard in how they utilize the organ and cruise into their groovy breakdowns.  We also hear a melodic indie sensibility known to Midlake. 

Altogether its intoxicating, an intriguing composition lifted by the singers rare vocal delivery.  Smoky and tempered, her voice conjures her emotional history, injecting truth into every lyrical detail. 

Enjoy Palace of Gold now on our Best New Indie Playlist

milio pagnotta is charming on their new single me oh my.  The catchy stuttery groove and analog lofi appeal add texture and pomp to the inherent melancholy.  The minimalist arrangement does a lot with little, as every contribution lends to the collective sound.  The stumpy bass walks around the melodic spectrum as the dark brooding nylon almost distorts. 

The warm amplified textures feel alive and present, recalling the Vinyl standard and a detail why the format can’t be outdone.  It’s a big movement in contemporary indie but milio pagnotta finds his own space, with expressive melodies that flaunt his range and employ careful variation.  The closing horns subtle hint of jazz influence certifies the Jobim inspiration, just another reason why we love it.  We also hear evidence of underground breakouts like TOLEDO and Hovvdy.  

Enjoy me oh my now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

ICHIWAWA is foreboding on the revelatory there you go again.  Whether it be trivial superficialities or chaotic cycles, there’s a little of a lot of us in this poetry.  We just can’t seem to get out of our own way.  The dirty lofi groove compliments the dive bar appeal, as the melodic construct evolves like a indie psych pop saloon standard. 

Stylistically there’s some evidence of the Strokes in the vocal design and Father John Misty in the lyrical folly.  Whether you’re looking to honor another failure or unwanted conventional milestone, this is your song. 

Hear there you go again now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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