Best New Rock – Tired of Fighting, Dangerfields, Peter Piek & Bernhard Eder

A song in two parts, Hollow is epic.  The new single from Tired of Fighting kicks off with an immersive soundscape that rings like an alarm in advance of the emotional pivot that follows.  A songwriters soliloquy features a believable performance by the bands impassioned lead.  Conjuring a history of emotion and digging up every vacant experience he leaves himself vulnerable.  His voice quivers through this poetic diary like a musical martyr. 

The explosive introduction of the band whiplashes you out of your melancholy daze and into a new emphatic fury.  The affect is inspiring and uplifting.  The drummer slams every snare drop like he’s beating through every demon from this dire prose.  The guitar tone is elegant and masterful, adding wonderful grit without losing the substance of the chords.  A tasteful atmospheric synth adds to the appeal without taking away from its Rock roots.  Altogether a solid group effort, the singer seals the deal with his passionate believable performance.  The emo inspiration is fair but this is a great rock song in any circle.  It has progressive value, bridging the influence of Dashboard Confessional with the explosive appeal of Paramore.  There’s also evidence of Taking Back Sunday and Fall Out Boy.   The writing also has the intellect of Gaslight Anthem. Like those groups it retains it’s mainstream rock radio potential.  It’s catchy, undeniable, and smart.

Dig into Hollow now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Dangerfields caught our attention with their new single Harder.  The brooding groove emulates a slow build, adding to the dramatic anticipation.  The intoxicating tempo is complimented by an enticing vocal arrangement.  Scaling the harmonious range with his slow draw and immersive delivery, the lead vocal accentuates the journey within a song.  Additional vocal contributions from Mandi Lizamore bring cinematic presence to this psychedelic modern epic. 

The slow groove post rock psychedelic appeal recalls the more heavy hitting cuts by Pink Floyd, with the modern indie sensibility of My Morning Jacket.  The Cape Town 5 piece has been adding to their illustrious catalog since they dropped their debut EP Embers in 2016.  They’ve shared the stage with some notable acts such as Wolf Alice and Thee Oh Sees.  Already catching on in their native South Africa, its only a matter of time before the international indie scene takes notice. 

Dig into Harder now on our Best New Rock Playlist.

Bernhard Eder and Peter Piek – Easy Way Out

Peter Piek and Bernhard Eder are full of vintage swagger on the new single Easy Way Out.  This classic pep hasevidence of T Rex era glam with 60s psych pop fever.  It’s updated with an indie sensibility akin to Peter Bjorn and John.  The alternating singers add to its charm and eclectic design.  The contrast of their voices propels the vibe forward, recalling indie act Dr Dog and how their singers compliment each other.  The playful video is a fun addition to tie it all together.  It’s a good time, its also a killer catchy tune.  We can dig it. 

Hear Easy Way Out now on our Best New Rock Playlist


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