Women of Trip Hop – Nobody’s Wolf Child, Serena Kaos, Ritual Forms, Temperature Falls

Nobody’s Wolf Child amps up the intensity on the immersive new single Big Bad Wolf.  Clocking in a tad over 6 minutes, the artist embraces their cinematic tendencies.  Coming out of the building brooding bass heavy intro, an infectious drop grabs you.  The catchy lyrical poetry adds poetic flare.  Sharp images all dressed in glorious metaphor, “I’m the big bad wolf, the weakness of men cuts the shape of my teeth.

The Big Bad Wolf has an anthemic quality.  A feminist fight song that conveys strength and fury, it’s validated by the artist convincing delivery. The violent electro design is elegant dark pop, with heavy dark wave and trip hop influence.  Produced effectively, the artists voice cuts through the dark bass heavy design.  Every lyric is legible, meant to infect you with its vigor and conviction.  

We hear the dark brooding sound design of Massive Attack with the anthemic appeal of Florence Welsh. 

Hear Big Bad Wolf now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.

Serena Kaos caught our attention with her new single Everyone You Know Is Sad.  Her dark melodic leanings have a haunting quality.  The new single features an eery sonic atmosphere.  There’s an eastern influence, an exotic desert quality mixed with gothic inspiration.  The foundation of the arrangement features chiming revolutions that rotate like the soundtrack to a voodoo carnival where Serena is the main attraction.  

The song has a progressive sensibility, building to a tumultuous finish.  Serena’s gypsy vocal walks you through this mystic tale with suspicious intention.  Her theatrical performance conceptualizes the music’s creeping crawl.  Around every section lie new lyrical revelations, all presented with a sense of contempt as if directed at a former lover who misjudged her generosity.  “I despise myself,” she quips before following up with ‘Oh look at me laughing…” 

We hear the experimental influence of Bjork mixed with the epic appeal and pop sensibility of St Vincent.

Enjoy Everyone You Know Is Sad now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.

We were drawn into the seductive appeal of Dreaming, the new single by Ritual Forms.  The singers sultry delivery is intoxicating.  This classic groove has trip hop roots, pulsating with downtempo swagger and urban intent. 

A alternating effect laced vocal compliments the more present forward mix in the verses, adding an immersive sonic reverence.  The blend of intellect and affect is superior sexy.  This is how we imagine a Lana Del Rey and Massive attack collab might develop.  Or better yet, just buy into Ritual Forms, they’ve already mastered this vibe. 

Hear Dreaming now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

The prolific project Temperature Falls caps off a great you by dropping a 10 song collection titled Protagonist.  A combination of already released singles and brand new tracks, the album showcases their dynamic influences.  The productions are collectively thoughtful and diverse, though they always retain their acquired aesthetic.  It’s fair to say that they’ve found their sound, and its rooted in an intoxicating mix of trip hop, electro pop, and melodic hard rock.  In that way it presents like a mix of Perfect Circle, Polica, and NIN.  They embellished that association with the release of a Stinkfist cover earlier this year.  Though not included on the recent album, it verifies that scope of influence.  

The collaboration is enhanced by how the contributors compliment each other.  Camilla’s lyrical palette is vast, and her melodic intellect brings surprise and variation to every composition.  Her dark sexy sultry tone is suggestive and assertive.  Producer Ian J. Ward honors her with vibrant arrangements all graced with tantalizing tempos meant for the dark sexy dungeon dance party of your desire.  

The whole album is awesome, get started with the opener Apology now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. 


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