Best New Synthwave – Ladytron, West Wickhams, kmAndras, The Wandering Now

Ladytron return with their mesmerizing new single Faces.  A rich layered soundscape churns beneath an excited beat.  Shimmering synths bring bright warmth and texture to the collective design.  The duos vocals have a eery, haunting quality.  The collective intention is intoxicating.  This innovative electro pop has retro appeal with psychedelic flair.  

Electroclash icons, Ladytron continue to evolve and expand their stylistic reach.  Faces blends the ethos of dark pop and upbeat electro with a disco punk melodic fever.  As if Blondie collaborated with Empire of the Sun.  

Ladytron has a string of UK dates scheduled for early March.  Grab them up quick don’t miss your chance to witness their Majesty in person. 

Faces is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

West Wickhams – Swear Above Suspicion

We adore West Wickhams and their new EP Magenta.  Their retro nostalgia embraces the slightly bizarre with rare authenticity.  They nail the sonic presentation of post punk and new wave while offering updated compositions that speak to their influence without sounding derivative.  The analog lo fi presentation accentuates the authentic appeal, linking it to the original movement. 

They wear their influences on their sleeves elegantly. Evidence of innovators like Joy Division are heard in their songs This is a Hang Up and Masculin Feminim High Jump.  An expressive alternative influence is heard in the cleverly titled Even The Heathers Ask Why.  Sparingly placed vocals bring attitude and black leather swagger in contrast to their catchy melodic instincts.  The stand out opening number Swear Above Suspicion recalls the pioneers of post punk, those first social outliers who inspired new wave and 80s alternative.  Acts like Killing Joke, The Sound, and Suicide.  

Magenta is collectively a throwback vintage revivalist treat for dark wave, new wave, and post punk fans.  West Wickhams continues to assert themselves as a viable art project in the world of retro revivals.  A combination of tonal aesthetic and smart songwriting stands out among the crowd of imitators. 

West Wickhams are currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

kmAndras – No Escape

kmAndras caught our attention with their new song and video No Escape.  With scenes taken from the 1973 cult classic Fantastic Planet, the producer resurrects these less travelled illustrations and updates their vibe by accompanying them with this modern electro soundtrack.  

The cosmic sonic update has robotic flare, with a warped vocal to suit its retro appeal.  Melodically its rare and brilliant.  Entirely original while referencing the legacies of icons like Daft Punk and Air, kmAndras is an electronic music lovers delight.  The experimental appeal might suggest a more select target audience, but for those who love these vibes, No Escape is an awesome find. 

Hear it now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

The Wandering Now stand out with their new single Rewind.  An impressive display of retrofuturism, this authentic wave influenced style sounds like a lost relic from our favorite decade.  The classic electro retro appeal recalls the work of Depeche Mode.  Funky guitar contributions also suggest the influence of INXS.  The Wandering Now features expressive vocal contributions from collaborators Caesar Filori and Jim B-Reay. 

A life long love for retro synth pop benefits their masterful approach.  Every synth sound brings tonal precision and historical accuracy.  The vocals add to the genuine authenticity, as Filori and B-Reay conjure the attitude and post punk flare that made that era uniquely iconic.  A solid contribution that should be adored in the world of synthwave, The Wandering Now connect with synthwave producers like Le Cassette.  Arguably more classic in their vocal appeal, that detail offers a fresh contribution to the retro wave movement. 

Dig into Rewind now on our Best New Snythwave Playlist 

Honorable mentionRobin Jensen – Uncertain Road

Though not currently featured on Spotify, Uncertain Road is a solid synthwave instrumental that should connect with fans of Miami Nights and FM84. Check I tout!


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