Undiscovered Gems – Stella Rose, Jo Hill, The Veils, GLOSSER

An exotic lead rings like a war call to introduce the journey that is Angel, the new single from Stella Rose.  A dreamy soundscape evolves beneath a shuffling groove as the artists soulful vocal jives convincingly above the musical construct.  With attitude and flashes of percussive cadence she asserts herself confidently.  Her conviction is captivating, gripping you with the emotion and brevity of her message.  “I whisper to an angel inside.  I don’t think I need any extra time.  Babe I see you running back and forth uptown, downtown, riding your things around town. – But I notice when I see you that I’m clearer now.”  

With her vocal performance being the songs most captivating quality, its also melodically delicious and collectively anthemic.  With a classic sensibility we hear evidence of Blind Melon and the Black Crowes with the indie pop intellect of Angel Olsen and My Morning Jacket.  It’s a rare scope of influence presented elegantly by this new buzz worthy star.  

Hear Angel now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

We were grabbed by the intoxicating duet that is Coastin’, the new single from Jo Hill and Havelock.  The initial male vocal sets the melodic foundation, and then Jo Hill just wipes the floor with it.  Her seductive sultry draw has a hypnotic appeal. 

Stylistically elegant with modern swagger she is smooth and fluid.  She fashions the indie pop intellect of Holly Humberstone with the underground appeal of Sharon Van Etten and the classic influence of Stevie Nicks.  The collaboration is charming, and only illuminates Jo Hill’s rare vocal skills.  

Enjoy Coastin’ now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Veils embrace their cinematic appeal with the release of No Limit of Stars.  A dynamic arrangement, the presentation is lifted by the companion music video.  Featuring the band playing beside flashes of emotion altering imagery, the dark lighting employed to shoot the band is masterful and elegant.  The images and inspired typography all accentuate the songs daunting message.  A comment on the infinite and the irony of existence, it’s a collage of suffering and atrocity mixed between vast universe starscapes.  It recalls the closing chapter of A Clockwork Orange, and the theory of reform through overstimulation.  The Veils provide an epic, evolving soundtrack to accentuate the heavy theme.  

Underground Indie icons with a reputation as a great live band and a penchant for big productions, The Veil should connect with fans of Arcade Fire and The Verve.  

Check out the impressive video, and hear the song now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

GLOSSER is catchy on their new single The Artist.  Embracing their pop intellect with minimalistic aesthetic, the sparse arrangement is effective.  The pumping bass drum brings a hint of alternative R&B.  We hear a blend of the minimalist aesthetic of The XX with the the chic pop flavor of Lorde.  Its another eclectic addition to the growing catalog of GLOSSER.

The DC based duo has plans to release a new EP in the coming year, and a string of buzz building singles have caught our attention.  Riley Fanning and Corbin Sheehan are refreshingly raw and ripe with attitude while always leaning into their instinctual catchy melodic tendencies.  That contrast is magnetic, and their defining feature. 

Hear The Artist now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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