Rare Indie Innovators – LordJAG, Tim Mechling, _townhouses

We were hypnotically drawn into the impressive guitar work of Where You Are, the new release from LordJAG.  The musicians touch, feel, and use of tone makes every note sound alive and poetically altered.  Interesting riffage and complimenting blends create an immersive guitar first soundscape.  A groovy backbeat jives beneath, offering unexpected swagger that adapts the composition with trip hop era contrast. 

The vocals honor the arrangement with a soulful performance of conjured vulnerability and quivering emotion.  Slightly buried and based on a feeling, it gives the collective appeal exotic reverence.  Melodically enticing for any indie lover, it connects with the recent works of Khruangbin with its exotic appeal and undeniable melodic catch.  

Hear Where You Are now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Innovative songwriter and conceptual artist Tim Mechling is prolific with the recent release of Unhatched Horrors and Technicolor.  Fresh off the release of his cinematic musical novella The Decline of The Flies and the Rise of The Spiders, Mechling adds to his trademark appeal while offering undeniable growth.  The new offerings are arguably more catchy and approachable.  They honor the aesthetic of his prior work while adapting to new acquired evolutions.  It recalls the trajectories of indie breakouts like The War On Drugs, who grew out of their lofi concept into a hit making machines.  

There are a few notable stand out.  Mechling is beautifully eclectic, leaning into his electro and trip hop inspiration on the impressive Worse Than The Blues.  Evidence of Moby and Portishead are heard in its groovy dark presence.  

A classic flare and songwriting prowess shines on Light Pollution. It recalls how bands like Dr Dog adapted the influence of The Beatles and 60s pop with an indie sensibility.  

Hannah’s Song brings a more modern underground lofi presentation.  A charming composition on the outlet gives it psych pop flare.  Hang in for the chaotic sonic thrash of the mid song guitar solo.  More evidence of Mechling’s impressive range and direct intention.  

Tim Mechling is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

They describe themselves as a neo-discordian proto-collective. Born in London and Birmingham, all converging and later forming _townhouses in Bristol, UK. We find their melodic palette intoxicating, with elements of 80s alternative redressed with indie sensibility.  A proper dose of youthful contempt and urban swagger infects their new single Take a Look.  A guitar first presentation bears similarities to the catalogs of The Districts and Car Seat Headrest, with the classic appeal of The Stone Roses. 

Fresh on the scene, a flurry of 2022 singles solidify a reputation for thoughtful songwriting with innovative intention. Songs like TLC (it’s what she needs) are instant classics. We think they’re flying way too far under the radar, with a series of undeniable jams to energize a dying indie rock scene. _townhouses are a breath of fresh air, a proper band in a world of bedroom producers. We dig it.

_townhouses are currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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