Retro Pop Revival – Melt Motif, Madeline Goldstein, Chief Kelly, Cyberflower

Experimental electro pop group Melt Motif is innovative on their recent single Full Moon.  The dynamic percussion layers are infectious.  They churn violently while warped textured synths plot an implied melody for your mind to puzzle together.  The instruments are all treated with a sharp crisp presence that highlights their aggressive features.  The affect is invigorating in the spirit of classic industrial, recalling how that first underground movement drew offshoots of punk to its altar.  Hooked on its violent transmission and psychotic electrical presence, effectively enhancing the chemical effects of their controversial explorations.  

Melt Motif takes all of the best features of that style and update it with an indie sensibility, injecting new melodic wisdom and compositional flow.  The hypnotic and eerily seductive lead vocal offers elegant contrast, complimenting the collective presentation with elite execution.  She blends into the electrical chaos impressively, offering the project crossover potential and radio appeal.  That secret sauce accentuates the melodic presence, opening the window for commercial success.  This is how we imagine a NIN and Portishead collaboration might have developed with evidence of experimental compositional nostalgia in the vein of Kate Bush.

Hear Full Moon now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Madeline Goldstein caught our attention with her new release Seed of Doubt.  The classic electro new wave design accentuates her dominant presence.  Rare compositional movements recall the bizarre dark pop of Tubeway Army, with the chic appeal of Human League and The Eurythmics.  Goldstein nails the sentiment with a convincing performance ripe with drama and inspired emotion.  Undeniably sexy and sultry, as a personality she doesn’t hold back. We see star power.

The elite fashion sense compliments her impressive musical offerings. The classic tempo design and jagged synths of Seed of Doubt illuminate the retro nostalgia.  This dark pop princes makes retro dungeon pop thats exotic and invigorating.  Dark but beautiful, it should energize a snythwave and dark wave community eager for more melodically decadent dark hits. 

Enjoy Seed of Doubt now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Chief Kelly crushes the game with his new single Accelerated.  Connecting with recent releases in commercial pop by The Weeknd and Dua Lipa, Chief Kelly drips with retro influence while offering modern sonic updates.  Insanely catchy, you can’t deny its pop potential.  But this isn’t any cookie cutter hit.  Chief Kelly is innovative, offering a unique composition and alternative feel to this new trademark pop production palette.  In that way he connects with eclectic art pop artists like Joji.  

Chief Kelly is mostly known for his emo and alternative rap releases, initially gaining traction as a member of Rap Collective G$M.  This recent pop pivot shows growth and an expansive creative reach.  It has mainstream appeal with some nostalgia that could attract fans from the synthwave movement.  

Hear Accelerated now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Cyberflower pens an instant synthwave classic with their new single Sentenced to Us.  They embrace synthwaves founding, offering a vintage 80s pop presentation with instinctual nostalgic flare.  It’s heard in the catchy trademark hook, hyper evidence of their 80s pop fandom.  This is the benchmark for a proper throwback, presenting like an original to the point of appearing like a true lost classic.  In that way in connects with early releases from Gunship and FM-84.  The female lead also connects them Dana Jean Phoenix and KRISTINE.  

Cyberflower is synthwave gold.  You can’t deny their authenticity and superior execution.  Admittingly inspired by the movement and picking off where the originators left off, they showcase their ability to offer new ideas and catchy songs to the genre, without pivoting into new modes of pop influence.  

Hear Sentenced to Us now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.


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