Emerging Folk – Tom Lee-Richards, Dave Thomas Junior, Scot Free Sessions, Darcy McMann

Step into the illuminated sonic world of Tom Lee-Richards.  Innovative arrangements and dynamic orchestrated production occupy the charts of Spinning for Shape, the new 4 song EP from the New Zealand based Artist.  

The creative flare pops on the opening Human.  A dense arrangement, it recalls the legacy of Nick Drake with a modern indie compositional spirit.  

The title track Spinning for Shape is entrancing.  A diverse array of potential influences come to mind, including the soft horn indie pop of Beirut, the subtle humble soul of Bill Withers, and the poetic spirit of Joni Mitchell.  A companion video adds to the allure. 

 Thomas Lee Richards packs a lot into a four song package. The subsequent Nothing but Everything is groovy, bringing jazzy underlayers.  A slice of blue eyed soul brings sweet contrast.  Somewhere between the innovative spirit of Grizzly Bear and the more accessible charm of Dave Matthews.  Tom Lee-Richards is a revelation. 

All killer no filler, the EP caps off with the experimental art pop of What’s Left To Be.  Lee-Richards winds you into his melodic web with tempo pick ups and expected compositional variation.  All graced with the lounge derived sonic design at the root of his sound.  

The whole EP slaps.  Get started with Nothing but Everything now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

Dave Thomas Junior is serene on his new single Still In Love.  Melodically intoxicating, the swift melodic shifts are euphoric.  Beneath the indie folk arrangement swirls an ethereal atmosphere that adds desert western flavor.  The Nashville based producer blends the sweet innovative folk of Sufjan Stevens with the exotic desert appeal of Lord Huron.  

Raised in Essex and early to the scene, it was a treasures of surprise syncs that brought Dave Thomas Junior into the light.  His singles Silence and Little Piece of Nothing were plucked by Ricky Gervais for his After Life Netlflix series.  An NYC love story has kept him in the States, a strong love it must be, to inspire such brilliant works as Still In Love

Definitely not related to the Wendy’s guy

Hear Dave Thomas Junior now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Scot Free Sessions caught our attention with his new single Istanbul.  Touches of Americana give this indie folk a swift upbeat feel. Emotive as a singer, his smoky delivery adds to the compositions genuine appeal.  Istanbul presents somewhere between the legacy of acoustic Springsteen and John Prine. Scot Free embraces a timeless melodic sensibility.  They understand the history of Americana and Folk and how it influenced adaptations in Pop.  

A female companion vocal drips intoxicating harmonies, adding to the angelic atmosphere in the songs instrumental break.  There’s something about this Istanbul, transmitted in this song, alluring you with its exotic foreign feeling.  Placing a noteworthy 2nd in the International Songwriting Contest, this haunting tale of modern Romance stood out in the lyrical only category.  Its due to insights like “They say life is all about taking chances, but with chances sometimes comes regret.”  An’t it the truth. 

Hear Istanbul now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Darcy McMann is revelatory on his recent All In.  The classic melancholy of acoustic era Neil Young collides with the indie charm of the Shins on this groovy folk pop composition.  The catchy stylistic design is all just a vessel to aide him in delivering a message.  All In uses slightly abstract lyricism to convey that moment in which you surrender yourself completely to Christ.  Perhaps a bit too heavy for an emerging anti-Christian generation, it honors a tradition in contemporary pop with illuminates the realities of one’s faith journey in song.  It’s art, after all, and McMann presents it effectively.  

Written with his friend Fred Yurichuk, All In is undeniably deep and seemingly dark in the vein of classic gothic art.  Beneath that cloak of suffering is serenity, a universal theme in deliverance.  Lyrically, All In is masterful, and the songs most genius attribute.  “Cast off the chains of red. Make your way back, the place where we belong. Morning comes with rays down, yes, I’d love to meet you, with no opposition, no way out.”

Enjoy All In now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 


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