Undiscovered Gems – Akili Ni Mali, Kowloon, Savagery, Ben Burroughs

Akili Ni Mali is infectious on her new single sold.  Seductively soulful with urban appeal, its treads the borders of contemporary and alternative R&B elegantly.  In that way we hear evidence of Erykah Badu.  Akili Ni Mali shares in her artist first designation, able to embrace her innovative spirit while retaining her mainstream potential.  It’s a testament to her melodic instincts and inherent talent. 

We relish in her elite modesty, able to bring a room to its knees without over singing and over embellishing every tag.  Her emotion is natural, exotic and pulled from an ancient history.  Spiritual.  Get in it. 

Hear sold now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Equal parts groovy and dreamy, Kowloon has our attention again with their recent single This Dream.  A combination of psych pop and yacht rock, the tones are chiming and sparkled, all resonating like harmonious ripples.  A jazz appreciation permeates but never fully pulls the track away from its mainstream potential, it threatens in the songs closing jam section, but Kowloon is too pop inspired to be mistaken for fusion. 

Perhaps this is what a Vulfpeck and Dayglow collab might sound like if they produced a track for Jose Gonzalez.  That suggestion should be enough on its own to pull you in.  Does it sound intriguing?  It is. 

Get into This Dream now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Savagery caught our attention with their new single Laughter.  An electro design meets an indie compositional palette, creating an intoxicating blend that stimulates both worlds effectively.  A solid song in any arrangement, the electric design brings night drive appeal. 

Somewhere between Dirty Projects and The XX, Alt-J and Alex G, sparse offerings of guitar bring subtle nostalgia.  It references a history of 80s alternative and new wave influence. 

The percussive cadence of the vocal drops lyrical place marks.  Everything has its space on Laughter.  You can dissect the ingredients and puzzle it back together. A sneaky trait of this construction, offering an opportunity to Segway into EDM worlds. 

Dig into Savagery now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

We were drawn into the dreamy melancholy of A New World, the recent single from Ben Burroughs.  Featured on his new album Any Day Now, its a charming mix of 60s psychedelia, cool kid swagger, and modern indie.  There are unexpected treats, like the gritty guitar solo that suggests some more abrasive influences a la Car Seat Headrest.  Mostly it mixes the charm of Velvet Underground with the modern swagger appeal of Mac Demarco.  That’s just a stylistic range, as Ben really has captured his own sound and many iterations of it on his impressive new full length release.  

Hear A New World now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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