Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Terrible Sons, Lawson Hull, Hayden Calnin

Terrible Sons are instantly infectious on their new single Hold Your Light High.  This groovy feel good bop grew out of 60s urban pop, tagging the legacy of the Motown Detroit Sound.  Additionally enhanced by the parrallel of folk pop and brought through the lineage of Michael Franti until it collided with the advent of indie folk, groups like Edward Sharpe and The Lumineers who broke through the underground with unlikely hits.  Hold Your Light High has that stomp and holla potential, offering something for everyone in a dance ready package.  It’s gotta move your hips if you wanna write a hit.  Hold You Light High delivers. 

Hear it now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Lawson Hull – Canada ’17

Lawson Hull is captivating on his recent Canada ’17.  There’s an iconic nostalgic underlayer to this indie folk dream.  It feels derived from the legacies of Springsteen and Petty and how they infiltrate the best in indie rock.  It recalls recent iterations by Strand of Oaks or the now controversial Ryan Adams.  Like them all Hull knows how to get to the heart of the matter within an almost contemporary framework.  He has enough melodic variation and compositional surprise to pull it out of mainstream singer songwriter circles and into the indie space.  

Altogether the affect is intoxicating, sedating you with its melancholy resolve and echoing church hall reverence.  A somber reflective vibe that induces a cinematic trip, injecting memories into a jagged imaginative timeline that whisks you through a lifetime of maladaptive distractibility.  If you only knew those moments would be so monumental, you would have given yourself to them fully.  Hull delivers these truths gracefully.  “I’d do anything to go back now.”  You should.  

Let Canada ’17 be your guide, now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Hayden Calnin reached us on Gravity Find Us & Bring Us In.  Initially candid and in the moment, the raw genuine appeal reeks with authenticity.  The guitar strums in tandem with the vocals patient delivery. 

A stacked vocal in the second half connects this indie folk to Bon Iver’s notable impact.  Evolving into a cinematic closing, Calnin injects drama and intensity with unexpected surprise.  Channelling this art between the natural world and our electric realities, Hayden doesn’t resist modern sonic advancements.  He melds them into his art elegantly, adding an infection of the conscious supernatural.  

Hayden Calnin is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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