Best New Rock – 9 o’clock Nasty, Catch a Dinosaur, bikethrasher, Soft On Crime

The 9 o’clock Nasty are back and you know what time it is.  These boys are Too Cool to fool around. They’re ready to slap-ya-in-the-face with this jiving jam.  The UK rock and roll pranksters have hit their stride, penning dare we say their best song yet.  Too Cool instantly recalls the infectious punk hip hop appeal of Beastie Boys with a taste of “before they sucked” era Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Funky and not taking themselves too seriously, it hits.  Try to deny yourself, you can’t.  This jam is going to get you head-bobbing f-eet-stomping-hip-humping-ya-know-what-it-is!  

You can only hope to stumble into a dive and catch a glimpse of this sneaky genius.  Prolific and understated, The Nasty Boys put the creativity first.  Too Cool is uncharacteristically crisp in presentation, the kind of pro polish that suggests The Nasty had a burst of instant studio magic.  Those moments tend to produce proper hits, and Too Cool is a true blue 360 degree jam.  Whether it be the catchy guitar, convincing vocal, or impressive drums, Too Cool has got it.  We gotta give some extra love to the drummer cause it straight slaps.  Too Cool got us acting silly?  That’s the point fam.  Once you get infected, you’re in it. 

Get with it.  Too Cool featured now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Catch a Dinosaur are vintage cool on their recent Your Cup of Tea.  Super swagger and a cool urban drips from this classic jam.  Several notable throwback moments cite the influence of icons like The Who and The Rollings Stones.  We’re talking Gimme Shelter era fever, that cocaine induced glory blues rock. 

Some notable Indies have a slight stake in the sound, like the Growlers and associated acts.  Catch a Dinosaur are equally convincing and pen a proper jam to sit next to your favorites in Classic Rock.  We dig it immensely.  

Hear Your Cup of Tea now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

We dig the slow burn of My Song 9 (Brontide) the new release from bikethrasher.  The classic 90s grunge vibe bears evidence of Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP, and even Silverchair.  There’s an additional indie flair heard coming out of the 1st first breakdown akin to 5th wave emo.  What’s most striking is the thrashing payoff in the songs second section. 

The vocal evolves into a vicious scream.  It’s the kind of rapturous wail that drags every ounce of vulnerable emotion to the surface.  Rock fans will find it undeniable and refreshing.  Refreshing in the sense that it recalls the legacy of the best of 90s rock, an era that has stood the test of time, and needs new purveyors to help remember what that musical violence was really all about. biketrasher delivers.  

Hear bikethrasher now on our Best New Rock Playlist

We love the classic 80s alternative art punk underground appeal of Telex Eyes, the new single from Soft On Crime. The treasured history of alternative icons like The Feelies or the art punk legacy of Television can be heard in the guitar work and melodic sensibility. The band casts a wide stylistic net, gracing the histories of 80s alternative and punk legacy. In that same fashion the single was released in contempt of the Spotify machine. You won’t find it there, so head over to there bandcamp to grab a vinyl. We get it.


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