Best New Indie – HOOGENBOOM, Anita Lester, Louis Inglis, Savoy Ellis

In our infinite quest for the perfect hook, we might have found a match in Damn Good, the new song from HOOGENBOOM.  In the age of the vibe a proper chorus is an after thought, but HOOGENBOOM revives this treasured sacred practice. Dare we say the rest of the song is inferior to the chorus.  Maybe that’s a slight, but not from our perspective.  It’s the kind of moment that delivers the proper payoff.  It pulls an anticipating artist to their feet, and gets everyone involved in the musical celebration.  

Make no mistake, the verse is solid too.  It has an indie sensibility with diverse intention.  Groovy with attitude, we hear evidence of Kevin Morby and Dawes.  Interestingly those artists are flourishing off the strength of their hooks.  Who woulda thought?!?  

Get hooked, hear it for yourself, it feels good too.  Damn Good. Now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Anita Lester is hypnotic on her new single Earthly Desire.  Like a siren lullaby her voice is both soothing and exotic.  She has a seductive second layer, drawing from some instinctual musical fabric.  It’s a similar vibe you get from Chris Isaak’s iconic Wicked Games, though Earthly Desire is notably an entirely different composition.  But its a vibe, one that Anita Lester finds effectively, and it’s elusive.  Artists have been chasing this style for some 30 years, and Lester nails it.  

It’s a function of her superior romance, her elite seduction.  One that has certainly tarnished the hearts of former inadequate lovers.

The lyrics accentuate the affect.  They’re poetic and full of expressive imagery.   “.. and you came round, with your tongue hanging out of your mouth.”  Oh to know your power is a dangerous thing!  She conveys the sentiment perfectly in this impressive performance.  She brings the magic that makes Earthly Desire stick out.  If it were performed by anyone else, it wouldn’t hit the same. 

Dig into Earthly Desire now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Louis Inglis is anthemic on Older.  A dynamic progressive release, the artist displays an abundance of influence and inspiration, all graced with his inherent catchy melodic prowess.  An art piece first, it can’t resist moments of catchy flex.  We hear some of the dirty rhythmic appeal of Modest Mouse, the catchy slacker punk of Beck, and the dreamy experimental folk intention of Grizzly Bear.  We realize that’s an intriguing blend, and we don’t transmit it lightly. 

Older is epic, with separate movements that connect elegantly.  There’s an experimental creative ethos at the root of the project, one that keeps Inglis committed and faithful to his own recreational interests.  Even still, its an indie hit, one that deserves a big audience and widespread attention.  

Hear Older now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Expect the unexpected.  That’s how we felt when we jumped into the new release from Savoy Ellis.  We’re already big fans of the underrated alternative R&B artist.  Excitedly, Savoy Ellis revisits his 2021 jam Don’t Break My Heart/The One.  He puts a fresh spin on this updated release, he’s speeds it up and warps it slightly too give it some funky psych pop appeal.  That could connect it with artists like Louis Cole and Domi and JD Beck, experimental jazzy-pop-funksters who have a flair for weird and remarkable. 

We find the new version irresistible.  It accents Savoy’s R&B melodic genius.  It recalls the legacies of Stevie Wonder and classic MJ with its undeniable catchy appeal.  If that classic 70s soul sound is going to reclaim a place in the world of experimental pop, it can start here. 

Dig into Don’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up) now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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