Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Roberta Faceplant, Prinz Grizzley, The Dawdler, David Deutsch

A staple of the Philadelphia music community, singer Roberta Faceplant is seemingly everywhere all at once.  Prolific and unwavering, her charm is valid, and her authenticity magnified by how she embraces the entire artist community.  Few have done more to lift up parallel creative journeys, and she does it with style and grace.  That charm, that grace, that authentic reality are all exemplified on her recent version of Two Gunslingers

Originally written by none other than Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Roberta honors the legacy while making it her own.  Like a wandering western poet she recalls this tale fit for pocket novels and western comics.  A narrative that’s sorely needed in these divided times, one that sees through the noise and mischievous deep state instigators. 

Can’t you see?  They want us separated and divided.  It’s better for their storylines.  Roberta knows we’re better when we stand together, when we support each other, and we celebrate our sisterhood.  She lives it, and so it is that it should be her to resurrect this iconic classic.  She’s living this story already.  

Petty fans are gonna love this.  Roberta Faceplant should also connect with fans of Margo Price, Courtney Marie Andrews. and more in the Americana Alt Country Movement.  

Roberta Faceplant is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

It an’t easy breaking through with a classic cover that’s already been claimed by an icon, but Prinz Grizzley finds his footing with his own version of the new American standard, Proud Mary.  It all started with CCR before it was claimed and illuminated by none other than Tina Turner. 

Of course many other artists have made it their own in the 50+ years since its release, and Prinz Grizzley is equally impactful.  He reimagines it as a traditional blues folk banjo based backwood banger.  The kind of cigarette trucker hat jive that gets you feeling good and ready for another Bud and twirl of Mary by the jukebox. 

Stylistically it falls in with emerging artists like Tyler Childers, Molly Tuttle, and Charley Crocket.  Prinz Grizzley shares in their dusty roots Nashville appeal, an attribute that is slowly catching the attention of contemporary country and taking Country music by storm. 

Hear Prinz Grizzley now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

We lost ourselves in the melancholy dream of Never Go Far, the new single from The Dawdler.  The sound design illuminates its harmonious features.  The instrument and voice are presented clearly. There’s an atmospheric echo layer beneath the music the resonates the compositions harmonious qualities.  It elegantly resolves in the bridge section, reiterating the careful intention and subtle genius.  

A gorgeous song and impressive performance in its own right, Never Go Far stands strong on its own two feet.  They didn’t need a lot to communicate this feeling and the breadth of their ability.  That minimalistic construct helps you hang onto what matters, and makes this a song for a moment. 

The message is comforting, it reminds us that we’re not the only ones building walls in front of our potential. The artist laments “I’m always scared so I Never Go Far.”  How do we seize the true potential of our existence?  How do we break through?  The Dawdler knows this conundrum.   This gorgeous ethereal folk connects somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Phoebe Bridgers.  The Dawdler has a soft soothing delivery that puts him in a league of his own, but fans of both indie pop and indie folk will undeniably love this track. 

Dig into Never Go Far now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

David Deutsch is strikingly gorgeous on his recent release I Knew You.  Initially an immersive soundscape with an acoustic piano to connect the melody to the rising atmosphere beneath, one single lyric is introduced to enhance the cinematic imaginative montage already developing in your psyche.  “I Knew You.” 

For everyone, this musical moment might inspire something different, but undeniably reverent and emotionally inducing.  It’s that same affect you get from Post Rock projects like Explosions In The Sky, reimagined with the contemporary appeal of Jacob Collier.  It’s easy listening, but its notable and epic.  The lyrics and vocal contribution help glue it into your soul.  It’s not background music, its a solid single. 

Hear I Knew You now on our Emerging Indie Folk Playlist


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