Best New Indie – lady lychee, Tommy Ashby, Ian Reynold, Paul Jacks

Psychedelic fans have a champion in lady lychee.  Her new single other side of the world reclaims psychedelic pops proper place.  It’s experimental, taking big sonic chances within an undeniably enchanting melodic framework.  It feels like it’s drawn out of some chemical trip, an alteration of an academic that leads to creative Eureka. 

This is how we imagine a young P-Funk or Sly and the Family Stone might evolve in todays new sonic psych world.  It also connects with the works of 90s underground icons Mellow, and hangs well with the new school of jazz psych offshoots like Louis Cole and JD Beck and Domi.  lady lychee is downright trippy.  We can dig it. 

Hear other side of the world now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Tommy Ashby is inspiring on his recent When Love Goes Dark.  Spiritual with an innovative flair, it recalls Radioheads influence on James Blake.  It’s also soothing and groovy, adding in the falsetto first sweet soul sounds of Rhye.  

When Love Goes Dark has cinematic sonic production, with rare sounds and violent percussive claps that lift the musical theater.  The hook is catchy and unfamiliar enough to surprise but accessible enough to give Ashby widespread potential.  Its got indie roots with commercial versatility, much like the aforementioned icons it mirrors.  With influences ranging from Jeff Buckley to Ben Howard, Tommy Ashby is worth the buzz.  

Dig into When Love Goes Dark now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Ian Reynold is officially on our radar.  Charming and dreamy with melancholy intention, we fell for his recent Nesting as well as his single Wanting.

Nesting has sneaky notes of slow groove R&B with 60s pop flair.  There’s a subtle lofi sensibility that gives it a vintage texture.  The writing is elegant and the production superb.  

Wanting also pairs the advent of lofi study beats with melancholy alternative R&B.  He bridges the gaps of these movements exquisitely, with thoughtful songwriting and an emotional delivery that accentuates the lyrics poetic flair.  If Todd Rundgren was slowed down and stuffed with ludes you’d find Ian Reynold.  He should also immediately connect with fans of Alice Phoebe Lou and Bearcubs. 

Ian Reynold is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Soundcloud shout out to the homie Paul Jacks!

Paul Jacks caught our attention with their new single Left In A Haste. This nostalgic tempo design is timeless and infectious.  It quite frankly never gets old, as long as you dress it with fresh melodic fever and your own genuine appeal.  Paul Jacks delivers. 

Left In A Haste transmits like an 80s alternative pop hit with an indie sensibility. It recalls rare fun upbeat moments by icons like The Smiths and The Cure.  In the indie sphere it also bears evidence of Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend.  Make sure there’s some space to dance close by, Left in a Haste will get you swinging. 

Check out the track above. Left In A Haste is part of his full length Amphibious – due out everywhere on March 3rd via Tritone Records.


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