Music Videos We Love – King No-One, Wolf Manhattan, The Psychotic Monks

UK exports King No-One have star potential.  Somewhere between the Vaccines and David Bowie, they reclaims Rockstars proper place as rowdy fun pranksters with their new video Neighbours. It’s emphasized in the first candid minute with an impressive performance by the bands lead as he wards off an annoying neighbor by phone.  

A fun video centered around the antics picked up by a doorbell camera, Neighbours offers King No-One a chance to embrace their goofy side.  A UK tradition dating back to the Beatles, it reminds us that Rocks first movement was about fun.  The band is tight too, and should immediately please fans of The Kooks and Circa Waves. 

Wolf Manhattan is charming on his recent Sometimes.  The feel good vibe has a genuine care free appeal.  It recalls the legacies of The Velvet Underground and Donovon with an indie sensibility.  The clever wordplay and 60s psych pop influence should draw fair comparisons to The Moldy Peaches and Kurt Vile. 

The video is equally impressive.  The casting is superb and the performances convincing.  It makes these fashionable slacker punks look harmless and dreamy.  It paints them as reflective and existential.  The Kids are Alright. 

The Psychotic Monks match their musics violent dramatic nature with the video for their new single Crash.  If Tenet were reimagined as a cyberpunk horror film and crossed with Requim for a Dream you would want to watch it.  So with that being said, there’s no reason not to plug in to this seductive philosophical horrorshow.  It’s the kind of drama that asks you to questions your daily routine, drawing insanity from the mundane.  Have you felt it?  See it.


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