Retro Pop Revival – BLOODHYPE, Terouz, Shannon Hawley, INTÖTHËNÖIR

BLOODHYPE is infectious on their recent release ON AND ON.  The new single is instantly catchy, featuring an exciting composition with dramatic shifts and drops to keep an unfamiliar listener tuned in.  With vibrant retro vibes, the German export bridges the gap between commercial retro pop and underground retro wave.  They add a rare guitar first design with precision playing that harkens back to icons INXS, or more recent releases by The 1975. 

ON AND ON has anthem potential in the vein of The Killers or Future Islands, breakout bands with retro appeal who aren’t often thought of in the synthwave scene.  BLOODHYPE brings it full circle with a music video that showcases their live performance energy and star potential. 

Hear ON AND ON now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Terouz is vintage erotic on their new single Tiger Girl.  A gorgeous song that features an impressive vocal performance by the bands lead, he patiently wanders the songs melodic construct with superior emotional instinct.  His voice will draw fair comparisons to the bassier offerings from David Bowie. 

With heavy retro appeal, Terouz pens an instant classic that Bowie would have been proud of.  The dynamic arrangement features soft seductive synths, textured by a crisp palmed guitar. Sweet backing vocals lend to the classic sensibility, but the bright presentation is undeniably modern.  We find it irresistible.  

Hear Tiger Girl now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Shannon Hawley is gripping on her recent Our History.  The shapeshifting songwriter takes a full dip into retro worlds.  Our History has the innovative appeal of Kate Bush.  Hawleys vocals accentuate the comparison, as her cadence is exotic.  She ties together her phrases in flurries, with a swift vibrato that shakes you to your core.  Her voice trembles with passion and conjured emotion, as she draws every vulnerability from her acquired history into her performance on Our History.  

The textured synths and classic distorted guitar give Our History a timeless arrangement.  It connects with recent releases in the synthwave movement by artists like Megan McDuffie as well as more immersive recent indie releases by Tuvaband.  Hawley’s haunting vocal skills also recall the legacy of Sinead O’connor.  Hawley’s voice is rare and exotic, and worth the price of admission on its own. 

Dig into Our History now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

INTÖTHËNÖIR is striking on their recent Four Roses.  Intellectual pop with retro appeal, it connects to the recent movement in mainstream retro pop that includes mega hits by The Weeknd.  Four Roses captures that vibe while adding their own unique voice to the construct.  Modern updates in electro production illuminate synthwaves stylistic ethos.  The classic chord movements and nostalgic aura just hit different in a modern design.  That affect is undeniable, and one that has pushed the wave movement to the forefront.  INTÖTHËNÖIR does it justice, and offers a proper pop wave moment that could push him into the limelight.  

Dig into Four Roses now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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