Undiscovered Pop Gems – B.Miles, Bayonne, Conor Maynard

B.Miles cover of the Kyle Monique classic Can’t Get You Out Of My Head is surprisingly sexier than the original.  She slows the tempo slightly to give it a more hypnotic, seductive appeal.  Her rich hush delivery is its most enticing feature.  With elements of disco influence to contrast its dance pop roots, B.Miles reimagines and reinvents while staying true to the original.  

B.Miles is already on our radar due to her breakout One Trick Pony.  She is anything but.  It’s rare to catch out attention with a cover, and B.Miles is a rare talent.  

B.Miles is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Bayonne does the Right Thing.  The title of his new single, we got sucked into its infectious groovy design.  The layered groove with its tickling auxiliary is enough to pull you out of our seat.  The contrast of the artists voice adds to its eclectic dreamy nature.  Just when you think their married to the layers it evolves with more depth and brevity.  Right Thing gets big at the Right Time. 

A strong arrangement that never falters, it features rich layers that are spaced out proficiently, each retaining their personality within this layered construct.  You can taste every ingredient in this vibrant musical soup.  The sonic construct could draw comparisons to Tame Impala with the chill pop appeal of Dayglow and Biig Piig.  Bayonne connects to the indie pop sound of the moment while finding their own space within the crowd.  It’s also a feel good vibe without ever devolving into the realm of cheesy.  You can lose yourself to it or plug in for an auditory trip, however you prefer it, Right Thing won’t let you down. 

Hear it now on our Best New Indie Playlist

A rare pop standout, we got sucked into the undeniable catchy appeal of If I Ever.  As an indie first platform, this is about as Pop as we’ll venture.  The bottom line, when it’s a great song paired with an excellent performance, we won’t deny it.  Conor Maynard is anything but average, and the vibe straight slaps.  It bridges the gap between the elite catchy appeal of recent Justin Beiber with the passionate broken pitch perfect vocals of Lewis Capaldi.  Admittingly a commercial mainstream standout, its got indie crossover potential with some nostalgic retro traits to pull it out of pop purgatory.  

We’re not the first to take notice either.  Conor Maynard has been catching on for well over a decade.  He’s worked with the likes of Pharrell and Rita Ora.  His accomplishments are notable. With 2 billion all time streams on Spotify, he’s anything but under the radar.  He’s new to us though, and now away from the major label handcuffs and embracing a newfound creative control, we’ve got our eye on his musics evolution.  If I Ever is a great start. 

Conor Maynard is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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