Best New Indie – Widows Gold, Sumaroo, Marie Fjeldsted, Sam Himself

Widows Gold caught our attention with their new single My Time To Talk.  A dreamy progressive arrangement presents with nostalgic appeal before erupting in the songs alternative sections.  The singer embraces a passionate emotional delivery, injecting a lot of herself into the performance.  The affect is convincing, pulling you in with its genuine appeal and living proof. 

The band delivers, with a solid presentation that flows within a groove but never strays loose.  The initial ‘chorus effect’ treated guitar conjures memories of 80s alternative breakouts like The Smiths.  The indie rock uptick recalls how the Smiths influenced the works of early Radiohead, as we hear heavy similarities to the Bends era of those treasured icons.  

An exciting release with dynamic reach, Widows Gold could draw attention from alternative fans and indie pop fans alike.  Dig into My Time To Talk now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Canadian songwriter Sumaroo is charming on their recent No One Likes The Kid.  The vocals soft vulnerable nature emits a notion of a harmless human spirit.  A sense of safety and good nature.  The contrast of the songs melancholy feel recalls the legacy of Daniel Johnston, brought up through adaptations by The Flaming Lips and The Shins.  There’s a genuine affect to its presentation, one that Sumaroo embraces. 

An elegant arrangement displays a care and attention beyond the simplicity of the bare composition.  Collectively the instrumentation creates an exquisite sound design, anchored by a vintage farfisa organ and a soft poetic horn arrangement.  An anthem for the misunderstood.  “No one likes the man who seems so withdrawn.  Everybody’s whispering ‘there goes the weird one.’  He was a boy just like you.  If only you knew what he’s going through.

If only. 

Hear No One Likes The Kid now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Marie Fjeldsted is a whole vibe on her new single Never Lost, Never Won.  The jiving groove pumps with a subtle fire.  The contrast of her soft vocal delivery is mesmerizing.  An intriguing composition, variating tempo pickups bring refreshing surprise.  Collectively it recalls the elegant crisp pop of classic Fleetwood Mac with a dreamy inspiring glow known to recent Indies Lo Moon or The War On Drugs. 

Fjeldsted is sneaky epic, her delivery graces a subtle seductive affect.   The songs arrangement accentuates the vibe.  Rich layered stacked vocals emphasize its tempered genius.  Everything stays true to the vibe, and they nail the sentiment.  A surefire indie hit.

Dig into Never Lost, Never Won now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

A Star is Born in the rarity that is Sam Himself.  The modern punk troubadour is a one and only.  He brings a strange presence, one that bypasses your best assumptions about the man or the myth.  Like a wandering existential Prince he flaunts a care free expression, one that exudes modest confidence. 

Soaked up by a notable production team that has also worked with the likes of Springsteen, Bowie, and Blood Orange; the artist has found himself in the right company to illuminate his intrigue.  The payoff is in the new album Never Let Me Go, featuring 10 impressive songs that scan the artists versatility and add to his acquired narrative.  Those moments reign supreme on the impressive standouts Golden Days , Mr Rock and Roll, and Heartland

A string of accompanying music videos flaunt his swagger and sex appeal.  To Jagger’s delight, Sam Himself is a 360 rock star, one that embraces an ancient credo and honors Rocks first tradition.  He’s not your American Idol, but rather, your anti-idol.  The one you hoped would break through the fluff.  Oh, and he also has a mesmerizing vibrato and unique vocal delivery to bring this praise full circle. 

Sam Himself is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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