Undiscovered Gems – Spirit Award, Tuvaband, Dandelion Head, The Get Right Band

Step into the bizarre trip that is Pushing Forward, the new music video release by Spirit Award.  A solid jam in its own right, it’s rooted by a dramatic vamp that builds in tandem with the singers emerging narrative.  The music video adds to the songs dramatic flare and psychedelic intention.  Like a chemical induced trip this journey chronicles the ups and downs of indulging.  The characters and costumery are convincing, and the camera effects employed mirror the real thing.  

A great video to hang your hat on, the song delivers too.  We hear evidence of LCD Soundsystem updated with the indie storyteller appeal of Kevin Morby.  Spirit Award has earned some reputable credo since 2017’s breakout Neverending.  The Seattle based band looks to veer back into the limelight with the recent Pushing Forward. The hype is real, dig in. 

Enjoy Pushing Forward now on our Best New Indie Playlist

New Orders has arrived.  The much anticipated new album from Norway based artist Tuvaband has officially dropped.  The prolific artist has offered 14 eclectic tracks, all blessed with her signature production style and trademark voice.  We have been on her case since we first heard the intoxicating Something Good.  Released as a single in advance of New Orders, it’s still a stand out track.  

Tuvaband is a revelation.  Her voice is rare, exotic, and intoxicating.  It’s definitively her trademark appeal.  The songs are good too, and the melody’s showcase her diverse vocal range and various stylistic sublayers.  Stand outs include New Orders and By the Time you Hear this.  Really though, the whole album slaps front to pack.  Dreamy and spiritual, it recalls the appeal of Peter Gabriel and Bon Iver with the vocal prowess of Sinead O’Connor.  Overall, Tuvaband is exhilirhating, and a buzz artist who should be on your radar. 

Tuvaband is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Dandelion Head keeps the momentum going with the release of his new single Sad Eyes.  Fresh off the heels of his impressive Two Hands, the artist returns triumphantly after laying low for the better part of the last 4 years.  Make no mistake, he’s been busy behind the scenes, as a contributing songwriter to artists like Sara Barreilles and touring with major indie breakouts like Lucius and Sui Zhen.  Sad Eyes is just another taste of whats to comes from a pandemic era creative burst that has produced several exciting gems. 

Sad Eyes is catchy and instantly infectious.  It pairs the classic minimalistic polished feel of Fleetwood Mac with a taste of indie spirit known to compositions by The War On Drugs.  The composition is initially simple but adapts with clever pickups and chord dips, much like the aforementioned War On Drugs.  Its all treated with Dandelion Head’s own unique trademark delivery, with its charming melodic subtlety.  An affect of a writer who pays attention to his lines and knows how to break the threat of repetition.  

Dig into Sad Eyes now on our Best New Indie Playlist

An upbeat feel good catchy rarity comes in the form of Hell Yes Refresh, the new single from The Get Right Band.  Hauntingly familiar but delivered fresh, Hell Yes Refresh lives up to its title.  The project admits that the song is about “finding love and connection online, as well as that techno-utopians that comes with refreshing your app to see what new things are happening.”  Not only is it rare in its upbeat appeal, but it also brings an unassuming narrative. 

Despite its every day constant utility and understated addiction, there aren’t a lot of musical tributes out that celebrate our smart phone obsession.  Usually songwriters have worked to emphasize its threat as a cultural plague, but The Get Right Band spins it to the positive.  And for most, starting out, it certainly is a vitality boost.  Just don’t get too hooked, everything’s better in moderation.  

Stylistically Hell Yes Refresh recalls the catchy sonic pop of early MGMT and the quirky nature of the Flaming Lips. 

Enjoy Hell Yes Refresh now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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