Undiscovered Gems – Mol Sullivan, young friend, Matt Holubowski, Hidden States

Cincinnati songwriter Mol Sullivan is ready to Bury The Hatchet.  The smart songwriting showcases her melodic appeal and innovative intention.  Accessible art pop with widespread potential, we hear similarities to The Dirty Projectors with some of the playful appeal of Dr Dog.  The narrative reflects the reality of her recent existence.  Taking from her press release, Sullivan admiringly has “spent the last few years sober. She has used this time as a poignant backdrop for reflecting over an emotionally chequered past and reconciling being the forlorn villain of her own story.”  

Bury The Hatchet presents these reflections with a gentle charm, one that knows you have the right to see through it.  It’s that serenity, the ability to accept you might not care anyway, that shines through.  A humility that draws you to her, projecting that she’s happy to be back in it on her own terms.  In essence, its also simple and decadent.  Stylistically elite, and presented with a lively bright energy, begging you to see her in concert.  We definitely want to. 

Bury The Hatchet is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

young friend slowly burns to a raging fire on their recent feral canadian scaredy cat.  The clever title isn’t just a smart quip, but the songs primary utility, one that he uses effectively.  That detail keeps it original on its own, and the artist delivers it with an innovative composition full of progressive surprise.  The dramatic build sets up the eventual explosion.  The fear is unleashed in the songs closing section, making it all worth the time it took to get there.  It’s all relative to the songs conceptual design and lyrical truth. 

We hear evidence of Car Seat Headrest and Alex G in how young friend keeps it experimental while wearing an array of atypical genre clues like Emo, Indie Folk, and Shoegaze.  The artist shares that his inspirations range from the works of a young Dicaprio to the genius art pop of Frank Ocean.  Maybe not directly noticed, its more of a reference to how his art might make you feel.  Young, fierce, unstoppable. 

Hear feral canadian scaredy cat now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Matt Holubowski is groovy on their recent My Burrow.  The aritst graduates out of the indie folk scene like how Paul Simon threw us into his masterful 2006 release Surprise.  My Burrow has the same groovy appeal and poetic flare.  It updates that vibe with an indie sensibility akin to Hamilton Leithauser and Dr Dog.  Its slightly edgy and assumingly existential, claiming its euphoria in spite of realities burdens.  “I wanna escape, but I don’t like leaving you behind.”

There’s a line for everyone in this poetic masterpiece.  An anthem for the modern dreamers, the ones buried in the crowd of viral vitriol.  It culminates in inevitable resentment, “I don’t wanna do nothing” he laments as the vibe turns dark and brooding.  In those final moments the production emphasizes the artists immense ability.  Swift movements of warped orchestration accent life’s chaotic turns.  Much like the polar musings found within, the music parallels this daunting journey.  A classic comedy always ends in tragedy. 

Dig My Burrow now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Hidden States caught our attention with his new single Fix to Fix.  The Brighton based songwriter Adam Day has been winning the project buzz appeal since 2019.  Fix to Fix is dipped in subtle nostalgia, offering a reference of influence in its stylistic drip.  The tempo design recalls indie rocks glorious aughts, and the lyrics catchy appeal enhances the sentiment.  We hear similarities to the works of The National and Tv On The Radio.  The artist has his own trademark draw, pulling from the tendencies of Dire Straits and Bowie, updated with a post punk flavor known to turn of the century indie.  

Since 2019 the artist has enjoyed some notable success and hit several surprise milestones.  He got buried in some typical major label clutter, and he found himself ready to embrace his musical truth without the barriers of having to answer to anyone.  A bounty of A list studio players continue to support the rising star.  Hidden States is a surefire indie gem. 

Dig into it now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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