Music Videos We Love – Illiterate Light, DIA LUNA, Brent de la Cruz, Yvonne Ambrée

Illiterate Light shines on their recent Hellraiser.  This candid poetry captivated us.  The energy and fury of the track builds in tandem with the unraveling narrative.  Immediately introspective, it evolves with catchy melodic appeal.  The complex arrangement suits the abstract imagery.  The video is their masterstroke, uniting the vibe of the music with a gorgeous display of cinematography and light, all while highlighting the artistic jest of the lyrical design.  

Illiterate Light – Hellraiser

Hellraiser is a dense release.  The production is impressive, adding sonic depth and gritty texture.  Its a testament to the analog synths and dirty guitar tones employed.  They pull from a big production toolbag, sparing nothing in its creation.  The theatrical progressive design unravels like two sides of a coin.  Initially melancholy, it ends in a violent fury.  Somewhere between Car Seat Headrest and vintage Arcade Fire.  We can dig it.  

Hellraiser is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

DIA LUNA – Wilderness

DIA LUNA is mesmerizing on her recent Wilderness.  The Mexican American artist embraces her dark abstract cultural history.  She also embraces the experimental art pop legacies of influences such as Kate Bush, St Vincent, and Bjork.  Wilderness the single is a haunting ethereal masterpiece in its own right. The songs accompanying music video accents her artistic flair.  An intoxicating synthesis of sound and vision, it pairs perfectly with the singles vibe.  Embracing her mysterious exotic aesthetic, she haunts this twisted wasteland. 

Flashes of imagery puzzle a narrative.  The cinematography, costumery, and effects employed all illuminate her dark siren persona.  She is connected to some ancient, instinctual paralell existence.  Her spirit animals littered throughout, all connected to her majestic fabric and transfixed by her ritual dance.  Her beauty is seductive but your senses caution her collateral risk.  A night with her is one you’ll never forget, but your desire would be better left forgotten. 

Wilderness is currently featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Brent de la Cruz – Alone

We were transfixed by Alone, the new single by Brent de la Cruz.  An intoxicating progressive presentation with one foot in indie pop and one in the advent of innovative electro experimental pop, its no wonder the artist offers the unassuming influence of The Beatles.  He also embraces Frank Ocean, MGMT, and the legacy of Motown.  Collectively they offer a subset of projects that brought innovation to pop.  Alone is absolutely innovative and employs a lot of what’s available sonically to modern producers.  A killer release in its own right, the artist offers a striking music video to enhance the vibe.

Brent de la Cruz has enjoyed some envious attention without buying into the promotion machine.  True to himself, the existential artist puts the aesthetic first.  It shows in his craft and has won him fans and attention.  A San Diego native, his love for skateboarding reflects in his philosophical aesthetic too.  Maybe a commercial star in the making, but he’s already shining anyway, so commercial success will have to come on his own terms. 

Enjoy Alone now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Yvonne Ambrée – Anyone Someone

Yvonne Ambrée caught our attention with her new single Anyone Someone.  Her soulful psychedelic drip presents to perfection on the companion music video.  Photo sensitive viewers beware, flashes of trippy images abound.  Artistically elite it dips into the psychedelic 70s with visionary scope.  Every captured screen is a potential album cover or wall print.  Transluscent images layer into psychedelic dream worlds all meant to honor her musics stylistic flare.  An intoxicating song in its own right, the video does it proper. 

Hear Anyone Someone now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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