Best New Indie – Roller Derby, The Know, The Legends, Niall Summerton

Roller Derby makes entrancing pop.  That sentiment is on full display with their recent single Always on My Mind.  The simple music video is effective, encapsulating their response from their fans as well as their genuine stage personality. 

Capturing the vibe of 80s alternative new wave with an updated indie sensibility akin to early Ra Ra Riot, Roller Derby is insanely catchy.  It’s also dreamy with a melancholy underlayer to soften its bubble gum appeal.  The vocals are melodically thoughtful as the lead singers scans her range effortlessly.  Nostalgic, but still fresh, Always On My Mind is a sure thing, and a strong release from this exciting emerging German export. 

Dig into Always On My Mind now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Know expand their stylistic intention on their recent single ME.  The shoegaze project masters Dream Pop in the same way that Beach House or Mazzy Star crossed over between the two realms.  At its essence it commits to a vibe, one we find delectable. 

The smart composition has clever variation and interesting melodic surprise.  It’s all lifted by the singers sultry whispery affect, bringing an ethereal seduction atypical to this vibe.  That extra contrast helps them stand out from this newly crowded field.  A popular stylistic subset, The Know belongs near the top. They’re collective catalog has caught our attention.  A notable emerging project with diverse reach within this vibe. 

Hear ME now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Legends are charming on their recent Loser.  This catchy patient pop recalls the legacies of Peter Bjorn and John or The Doves and their impactful influence on indie music.  Drawing inspiration from both 60s pop and classic punk, Loser is smart. 

The Legends are one of several indie pop projects masterminded by Swedish producer/musician Johan Angergård, whose other bands include the Acid House Kings, Eternal Death, Djustin and Club 8. He dips between these projects with stylistic intention.  The Legends are his chance divulge in tantrums of catchy indie pop, the kind with major widespread appeal.  A stylistic shapeshifter, his prolific offerings make it look easy.  The dudes a real winner.  

Get bent on Loser now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Niall Summerton pens catchy melancholy on the revelatory Wish You Could Speak.  Modern sad boy acoustic folk pop should please fans of Kurt Vile and Alex G.  You can trace these roots back to the works of Eilliot Smith, updated with an indie tempo design that injects fun punk inspired contrast.  The combination is clever and reflects the byproduct of its creation.  There are innovative moments within the composition as well, dark chord movements that are unconventional and exciting.  

As writers, we don’t just suffer into these moments, that recreation is the distraction we need to pull us out of intense battles with reality.  Summerton keeps it real while letting his vulnerabilities show.  For that, and because it’s easy listening, is why we love him. 

Hear Wish You Could Speak now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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