Alt Country Jams – Billy Keane, Sleepy Pearls, Dan Miraldi

Billy Keane is a BAD MAN.  The dude straight up rips on his new live release for the single Tech Companies are Today’s Version of the Church.  Boy are we happy he presented this version from a concert appearance.  The performance really captures the energy and attitude that takes this out of the classic Country blues realm and into some dirty dusty indie space known to alt country breakouts. 

There’s a hefty dose of Americana and traditional riffage littered throughout, but somehow Keane makes it feel fresh.  Its a testament to the whitty lyrics and as he puts a modern spin on this classic design.  After all, we really do worship these electric idols, whether we admit it or not.  

Ho down to Billy Keane now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist

Sleepy Pearls

Sleepy Pearls paint a desert sunset on their recent San Francisco.  This desert canyon groove soothes a troubadour soul.  The homebound narrative accentuates the appeal.  The sad cowboy production accents its intention.  A campsite harmonica laments a history of fallen friends as a classic lap steel scales the sunsets golden hues.  Memories of a medicated Neil Young or Gram Parson walk the halls of this melatonin melody.  The featured vocalist is rare, capturing the aura of Lana Del Rey with a more expansive range and innate tonal elegance.  Its been a while since San Francisco was presented this dreamy.  

Sleepy Pearls are featured on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist.  

Dan Miraldi ties it all together on his catchy new single Last Train Out.  A classic alt country shuffle, this blues bi-product recalls the Americana feel of full band Dylan.  Miraldi adds an indie sensibility known to Wilco and Whiskeytown. 

An emphatic vocal performance ripe with passion and conviction, it gives the single real radio potential.  Last Train Out has the right amount of variation to pull it out of the contemporary space.  The band reenforces the intention with a tight presentation and clever arrangement.  The relentless shuffle rolls like the conceptual train of Miraldi’s existential trial.  The nostalgic backing vocals sway between the worlds of classic Americana and recent indie folk pop.  A surefire Americana fest favorite, Dan Miraldi makes a strong case for your summer fest lineup. 

Dig into Last Train Out now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist


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