Vibes Royale – Gabby’s World, Jan3T, SV x Alyssa Jane x Kevon Scott

Gabby’s World caught our attention with their single Sank.  This diverse pop release shows various intent and vast potential.  Sank in its various sections is both intriguingly abstract and melodically delicious.  That progressive design gives it a cinematic vibe and pushes it towards an art pop designation.  The artist displays elite production skills to match their impressive vocal prowess. 

Gabby’s World bridges the gap between the experimental pop of Bjork and the smart indie pop of Dirty Projectors.  She also fits in great beside her partner, emerging buzz icon Barrie. We had the pleasure of seeing them perform together last spring at Johnny Brendas, and noted Gabby’s own star presence.  Fluid dance moves and genuine charm to match her picture perfect vocals make Gabby a must see.

Hear Sank now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

JAN3T are epic on their recent Salt Plains.  All is not as it seems within the slow build intro.  The explosion that follows is vintage genius.  With a modern alterntive R&B influence it dips heavily into the aesthetic of 60s and 70s popular music when artists like Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin put all of themselves into every performance.  A time when the notes were a byproduct to a feeling, and music was just a vessel to transmit our shared suppressed emotion. 

The various vocal styles and theatrical underlay also recalls the legacy of Sly and The Family Stone.  That group aesthetic and cinematic lift brought from various vocal styles make those diamond moments shine brighter, and that 2nd half burst of Salt Plains is certainly a diamond moment.  One we can revisit endlessly.  

Salt Plains is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

We got drawn into the infectious appeal of Chill N’Vibe.  The new release is a collaboration between SV, Kevon Scott, and Alyssa Jane.  Alternative R&B vibes collide with an indie pop production palette.  Somewhere between Sza and Chiiild, its got mainstream potential with indie credibility.  Its just simply undeniable. 

The catchy melodic intention is lifted by the singers genuine feel.  Chill N’Vibe is believable in a realm which usually feels contrived.  It even brings some jazz influence by way of an expressive sax solo mixed elegantly into its electric construct.  Altogether its rare and mesmerizing.  

Hear Chill N’Vibe now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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