Best New Rock – HIGHWAYVES, Gryningen, SALt, Culture Vulture

HIGHWAYVES shines on their recent FRAME IT.  The dynamic indie rock presentation features elements of shoegaze and 80 alternative in the production.  We also hear elements of mid 90s alternative breakouts Oasis as the artist leans into his catchy potential in the songs valuable hook.  The clever arrangement has progressive appeal, produced with expressive variation to keep FRAME IT moving forward. 

The high energy performance is youthful and true to Rocks vintage form.  The furious fills recalls the legacy of Mitch Mitchell, executed effectively by HIGHWAYVES drummer.  A self described art collective, the project is multidimensional as the primary artist and his collaborators create their own music and videos.  FRAME IT is their first release and a high bar in advance of future works.  Keep your eyes on this buzz worthy project. 

Dig into HIGHWAYVES now on our Best New Rock Playlist

From Sweden we are gifted Gryningen, a diverse shoegaze inspired monster with major progressive appeal.  Their recent album Kura Skymning is a prolific array of 11 explosive tracks, each with their own distinct musical worlds and personalities.  Their intense layered arrangements could draw similarities to some of the shapeshifting works of King Gizzard. 

Gryningen adds an element of shoegaze inspired vocals to adapt the style in a new dreamy design.  That sentiment rings true on standouts like Mörkerseende.  To contrast their catchy appeal they inject furious chaos like on Aprikos.  That detail also connects them to icons Sonic Youth.  An exciting art project in the world of Rock, Gryningen crushes.  

Gryningen is currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist

SALt goes big on their new album Fairytale on Fire.  The vibrant 15 song release is eclectic and masterful.  Whether its the explosive appeal of openers Halo and Boxcar or the more introspective vibe of the title track, the album displays an attention to detail and an unparalleled dedication to their craft.  Masters of dramatic lifts, the album has a cinematic appeal, unraveling like an odyssey. 

The self described alternative post punk pop band digs into their hefty bag of tricks on numbers like Cold White Hands, where we hear evidence of the Clash.  They can be dark and seductive on sultry moments like Dust.  Overall we also hear stylistic similarities to The Pretenders, X, and The Cult.  They dress these vibes with modern indie intention to match the nostalgic appeal.  Fairytale on Fire was original released on Vinyl by HX records, the digital version has been expanded with 4 additional songs. 

SALt is currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist

We’re doing it LIVE!  Culture Vulture does it proper on their Live Studio Session release How Are You.  The band reveals some personality and charm in the companion videos candid intro.  From there its all melodic genius as the performance unassumingly erupts.  The performance captures the performance and energy known to their live show.  It’s an effective invitation to see them play live.  The songwriting and guitar work is clever, and they show they can replicate it live.  There’s a semblance of 5th wave emo with mainstream appeal in the spirit of Del Water Gap, with some of the tempered attitude of Parquet Courts.  We find it delightful. 


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