Music Videos We Love – Georgia Mooney, León Larregui, Paul Jacks, Superocean

The classic music video channels might be stuck in Reality TV purgatory, but we still enjoy a proper vid and miss the era when videos were as captivating as the songs themselves.  For some artists, the music video is still a big part of their collective aesthetic.  These are our favorite recent music video discoveries.  

Georgia Mooney is captivating on War Romance.  Her expressions, as well as that of her co-stars, are Oscar worthy.  This believable display of emotion and internal struggle is its first striking detail.  The chemistry of the two leads, the costumery, the setting, the choreography.  Every detail is exhilarating.  An inspiring story executed to perfection with cinematic experimental music that should connect with fans of Kate Busha and Cate Le Bon.  Enjoy War Romance by Georgia Mooney featured above.

We were floored by Su Majestad La Eternidad, the new single and video from León Larregui.  Elite electro pop by way of Mexico, this catchy experimental jam is intoxicating at its essence.  Stylistically it should immediately connect with fans of Daft Punk.  The video enhances the vibe with its colorful psychedelic intention.  A dip into the back catalog shows a penchant for expressive music videos.  There’s also a consistent sultry sci-fi aesthetic.  That branding reflects their music cosmic electro pop appeal.  The recent Su Majestad La Eternidad features two seductive dancers.  Quick camera work plays eye tricks as you catch flashes of curious colored emphasis.  The costumery is divine, and the rapid illustrated animation shows genius precision. 

Erin Pollock designed the dystopian claymation behind Brand New Shame, the recent video from Paul Jacks.  The music is catchy melancholy indie pop, bringing the vibe of Elliot Smith into a more modern stylistic arrangement.  The video makes claymation look easy, but the attention involved is magnificent.  The models expressions have vitality, and the narrative progresses elegantly.  It’s fitting that its best moments are in the closing section, where the psychedelic intention really delivers.  Its a story of spiritual deliverance, one that parrallels the beatitudes and the fleeting pursuit of enlightenment.  

Portland band Superocean kill it with their new release Cool Colors.  The dense layered productions and catchy appeal give this single NPR potential.  They bridge the gap between Beach House and Dr Dog.  The new video is equally impressive. 

The video for Cool Colors shows the potential that AI art can bring.  Artist Cody Myers effectively uses Stable Diffusion to bring this video to life. Without a doubt the result is a slam dunk.  The ability to do this with relative ease is impressive and hard to pass up.  If you’re going to use an AI art generator, proceed with caution, make sure you’re using art that’s approved by the creator.  If this is where it can take us, the opportunities for indie projects are significant. 


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