Undiscovered Gems – The Money War, Orion Belte, Real Ones, Eden Rain

The Money War teams with Feelds to wonder Was It Ever Really Anyhing?  They tag a classic progression in the songs opening section.  The vibe then quickly adapts to an introspective verse with catchy infectious appeal.  A sneaky duet, the initial phased male vocal intersects with a crisp present female lead.  The contrast is exhilarating and gives the work cinematic appeal. 

The classic riff returns in the songs trademark hook.  A nice blend of inspired intention and innovative adaptation, the composition at its core is solid.  It’s how they dig into the feeling of the performance that makes it magical. We hear similarities to Dr Dog and Meg Mac.  

The Money War is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Orions Belte finds their groove on Silhouettes.  Psychedelic soul with an indie heart and 70s flair, the project pulls from its stylistic tool bag to bring these silhouettes to life.  The production is elegant and cinematic, giving this inspiration a finite time and place.  The trippy layered drenched vocal gives it modern reverence, but the production is vintage soul. 

The dynamic release bridges the gap between the chill exotic appeal of Khruangbin and the intense psychotic progressive nature of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.  Without a doubt Orions Belte are masters of their craft. They should also pull in fans of recent breakouts like Vulfpeck who crave jazz infused psych adaptations that bring the classics into the new age. 

Dig into Silhouettes now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Real Ones caught our attention with The Feeling.  The opening warped instrument suggests psych pop appeal, but as the band erupts and the vocal drops – what follows is vintage catchy.  Absolutely delightful, charming, and believable, it’s a feeling we enjoy immensely. 

With whitty moments like “Just wait for the wealth tax up about 90%” the feeling is about the good to come.  At least it’s the fun we’re all hoping for, presented here with dreamy delight.  The psych pop appeal returns in the revelatory bridge. 

This clever composition with art pop appeal can be traced back to the Beatles, brought through adaptations by David Byrne and then Dr Dog.  A catchy jam in any light, the lyrical jest is a notable payoff.  They take The Feeling to the next level.  

Dig into The Feeling now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Eden Rain pens an inspired anthem on their new single Bed.  Initially the artist captures indie pops breakout sound of the moment, connecting with releases by Holly Humberstone.  The chorus sections presents a more experimental ethos in the spirit of St Vincent.  We also hear hints of Billie Eilish in her haunting vocals. 

Eden Rain is undeniably catchy and exciting. The upbeat progression heard in Bed is assertive and pulls you in.  It’s an instant pop breakout with indie credo.  We find it undeniable, with an important narrative that connects with a generation struggling to understand while the sky fell during their time in the light.  

Eden Rain is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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