Women of Trip Hop – Molyneaux, Pink Sky, Kalk, deadmen ft Emily Wells

Molyneaux teases your dark fantasties on their new single Sorrow.  A seductive sonic design, the intention is illuminated in the graphic companion video.  The artist explores her dark tendencies as alternating scenarios play out.  The scenes unfold like a video game where you choose the ending.  It’s creepy but captivating as you shamelessly hang on to voyeur the outcomes.  

Reasonably weird but effective, the purple hue beneath fog lighting scheme shows a care to attention beyond its simplified shock value.  It’s also an intoxicating song with a catchy but haunting vibe to match the graphic imagery.  It should instantly connect with fans of FKA Twigs and Sevdaliza, who appreciate catchy but creepy pop.  

Hear Sorrow now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

The husband wife duo Pink Sky are a match made in heaven.  Their new single An Infinite Kiss is an instant classic.  Their dark dreamy pop is catchy and cinematic.  Angelica alters Ryans piano music with sultry beats and tantalizing melodies.  Like an infected classical work they invade that sanity with a swarm of brooding synths and effected vocals.  The sonic design adds violent drama in contrast to Angelica’s lullaby delivery.  There are gothic melodic under layers that haunt the electro production.  They bridge the gap between Trip Hop and Grimes, remaining accessible and melodically delicious with nightmarish appeal. 

Hear An Infinite Kiss now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist.  

Kalk are classic on Midnight Cuts.  Recalling Trip Hops glorious 90s, the bands eager to embrace influences like Massive Attack and Tricky.  The minimalist production and bare vocal have a raw, genuine feel.  The singers haunting smoky delivery effectively navigates the songs melodic spectrum.  That combination of minimalism and melodic prowess also recalls the works of icons Portishead.  Midnight Cuts is an exciting release that should instantly connect with Trip Hops gatekeepers in their pursuit of defining the parameters that make the association significant.  We’ll leave that to the painful truists, for us its just straight dope, and should appeal to fans of pop in general. 

Dig into Midnight Cuts now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  

Emily Wells

deadmen and Emily Wells connect on the new single Forget The Middle.  The choppy groove treated with rare instrumentation and altered sonic brilliance pumps like a Trip Hop RZA.  Emily brings a ragged raw delivery that accentuates the urban underground feel.  Her broken vibrato shakes with gypsy flair, basked in all the hurt and fear of the underworld.  Her rarity is beautiful, peaking your cuiriousity with its instinctual exotic untamed nature.  It’s as if Massive Attack produced Billie Holiday, it’s simply incredible. 

Dig into Forget The Middle now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  


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